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Learn how to keep your trucks full of safe drivers with the latest news and resources.

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

3 Fleet Safety Tips for Utility Fleets

Your utility workers are at risk for serious accidents and injuries every day. However, their biggest risk doesn’t come from fixing downed lines, clim...


Safety and Compliance: Beat Nuclear Verdicts and Your Competition

It has never been more important to be safe and compliant. Such was the message driving Transport Topics’s webinar on nuclear verdicts and tort reform...

Safety Training for Fleet Management
Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Why Safety Training Is Essential for Fleet Management Professionals

The goal of fleet safety training is to protect employees, reduce accidents, save the company money, and save everyone time and headaches dealing with...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Night Driving Safety Tips for Fleet Drivers

If your company puts people out on the road for work - whether it’s delivering goods, providing services, or visiting job sites - you’re at risk of ma...

what to do if you can't get a candidate's employment verification

What to Do If You Can’t Get a Candidate’s Employment Verification

Hiring enough drivers to keep up with demand isn’t easy. It feels impossible most days. That’s why it’s all the more frustrating when you’re ready to ...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

3 Ways to Reduce Accidents for Tow Truck Drivers And Save Money

Tow truck drivers face the risk of accidents and injuries. The fact is, it’s a dangerous job. As the owner/manager of a tow truck company, that risk i...

How to Use Landing Pages to Hire More Drivers

How to Use Landing Pages to Hire More Drivers

What are your driver recruitment goals? Whatever they are, they’re tied directly to your success as a business. However, the more important question i...


FMCSA Eliminates Annual Record of Violations Requirement

There are major changes to the Annual Record of Violations Requirement. What does it mean for the transportation industry and companies like you?

Recruiting Retention

Creating a Career Path for CDL Truck Drivers

Do you have enough quality drivers in your fleet? That’s a rhetorical question because we know the answer is no. What if you could reduce accidents, l...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Why Driver Fatigue is Dangerous for Fleets and How to Avoid It

What does an accident cost your company? Probably more than you think. A single accident can cost a company with work truck, van, sedan, or truck driv...

Compliance Product Updates

3 Takeaways from the SambaSafety + AvatarFleet Webinar You Should Know About

Trucking companies face massive risk from aggressive plaintiff attorneys and nuclear verdicts. The FMCSA isn’t the main boogie-man anymore. It’s lawye...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Reduce Accidents and Injuries for Construction Fleets

When your construction workers have accidents, it costs you money. You lose out on workers’ compensation, rising insurance costs, lost time, vehicle r...


How to Use Compliance Software to Prepare for a DOT Audit

No one has ever accused the government of being cutting-edge technology adopters. Without a literal act of Congress, the FMCSA will have to audit your...


The 3 Biggest Mistakes Driver Trainers Make

Think back to your elementary school classroom. Was it a peaceful, controlled, and relaxed environment? Much to the chagrin of your teacher, probably ...

20180612-5 Topics You Should Be Teaching at Your Driver Safety Training

5 Topics To Be Teaching in Your Truck Driver Safety Training

I got a call the other day from a client who’s worked with us for many years. We first met him back in 1999. At the time he was senior vice president ...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

What Are The DOT Requirements For Non-CDL Drivers’ DQF?

Did you know that you may be required to keep driver qualification files for non-CDL drivers?

Product Updates

Manage Your PEVs From One Screen with A-Suite's Latest Update

AvatarFleet released an upgrade to help you manage your Previous Employment Verifications (PEV). The A-Suite PEV Manager has received some handy upgra...


Ultimate Guide to Preparing for a DOT Audit

The audit is a fact of life. The Department of Transportation (DOT) takes its role as federal regulations arbiter very seriously and conducts its nece...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Safety Measures to Prevent Injuries to Your Fleet Truck Drivers

Light-duty fleet truck drivers face the risk of serious accidents and injuries while on the job. The legal and financial risk is transferred to the co...

Product Updates

Easily Monitor Drivers with the AvatarFleet/SambaSafety Integration

Accessing motor vehicle reports can be expensive and time-consuming. Worse yet, if you fail to keep up to date with them, defense attorneys will sniff...


Preparing for the 2022 International Roadcheck

The 2022 International Roadcheck is scheduled for May 17th - 19th. This year’s focus will be on wheel-end components. If you want to avoid costly fine...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Get Fleet Safety Buy-In

Accidents are costing you time, money, and resources. Worse yet, they’re hurting your people. The solution, of course, is to invest in a fleet safety ...

Solving The Driver Problem Podcast

Understanding Inefficiencies That Increase Risk at Your Fleet featuring SambaSafety

How confident are you that your drivers report every violation they have in a timely manner? Any accident that happens between a violation or an expir...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How HVAC Companies Improve Profits With Fleet Safety Training

You and your HVAC technicians face immense exposure to risk and cost of loss. Where does the risk come from? On-the-job injuries like strains and spra...

Company News

AvatarFleet Welcomes Three New Team Members

Cleveland, OH - AvatarFleet, the software provider that helps transportation companies fill empty seats, pass every audit, and bring 'em home safely, ...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Improve Your Driver Safety Policy

The goal of having driver safety policies is to prevent accidents and injuries while reducing your liability. You likely already have some safety poli...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Proper Lifting Techniques for Fleet Drivers

Accidents cost you time and money. However, we aren’t just talking about driving accidents. We’re also talking about accidents that lead to personal i...

Product Updates

Get High-Intent Candidates with A-Suite's EZApp Update

Ready to fill your empty seats? A-Suite’s newest update to EZApp is one more tool to help.

Solving The Driver Problem Podcast

ELDT Mandate Updates with Mark G. Gardner from AvatarFleet

On this episode of Solving The Driver Problem, Scott Rea gets together with AvatarFleet CEO and Founder Mark G. Gardner. The two discuss ELDT, what it...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Safe Following Distance for Light-Duty Truck Drivers

Accidents lead to lost time, injuries, and rising costs. This holds true for an accident of any severity. So, what’s the most common cause of vehicula...

avoid failing a dot audit with driver notifications in a-suite
Product Updates

Avoid Failing a DOT Audit with Driver Notifications in A-Suite

How hard is it today to track down a driver for a new license or to coordinate with dispatch a time to swing by your office to sign the Certificate of...

the most common driver file violations
Compliance A-Suite Comply

The Most Common Driver File Violations

The last thing you need is a plaintiff attorney knocking on your door sniffing around your Driver Qualification files. They’re looking for a reason to...

developing a fleet accident response plan

Developing a Fleet Accident Response Plan

Accidents cost you money. Worse yet, they get people hurt or even killed. Your best bet is to work to prevent accidents from happening. But what’s you...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How Light-Duty Fleets Can Reduce Employer Liability

Your non-CDL or light-duty drivers face risks out on the road. They face the risk of accidents, injuries, or even fatal collisions. However, the risk ...

Compliance The A-Fleet

How to Ensure Your Fleet Passes Cargo Securement Tests

Failure to properly secure cargo/loads can result in hefty fines. Worse yet, improper securement can cause serious accidents and injuries. It can even...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Evaluate and Select Light-Duty Vehicle Drivers

You need light-duty vehicle drivers who will avoid accidents, reduce risk, and get the job done without incident. In short, you need safe and reliable...


Do You Need a Fleet Compliance Manager?

The biggest fear for most fleets is a massive DOT violation. There’s an issue with your drug & alcohol testing policy, a driver who is out of comp...

4 safety policies every fleet safety program should have
Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

4 Safety Policies Every Fleet Safety Program Should Have

Rules, policies, and procedures are not “safety.” Safety and accidents come down to human behaviors. After all, rules won’t always stop your drivers f...

comprehensive list of csa violations for fleets

A Comprehensive List of CSA Violations for Fleets

CSA violations are one of many things that can keep a fleet manager up at night. They range from burdensome all the way to crippling. They could even ...

what to know about the drug and alcohol clearinghouse in 2022

What to Know About the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse in 2022

In order to avoid hefty fines and stay in compliance, you need to stay informed on the DOT Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse going into 2022. We’ll help ...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Top Job Hazards Currently Facing Fleet Operations

Your non-CDL driver accidents and injuries are costing you money. Worse yet, they result in pain and suffering. If you want to reduce accidents, injur...

fleet accident management
Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

What is Fleet Accident Management and Why Should You Consider It?

Accidents cost non-CDL fleets money, plain and simple. They cost you fines, repairs to vehicles, lost time from employees, and much, much more. Even w...

what does it mean to be fleet safety certified
Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

What Does It Mean to Be 'Fleet Safety Certified'?

Most light-duty fleets are not regulated by the Department of Transportation. Thus, there is no specific “fleet safety certification” or demarcation f...

what is a fleet audit
Compliance Safety

What is a Fleet Audit?

Like most people in the trucking industry, the idea of an audit probably makes your skin crawl. However, we’re not talking about the DOT. We’re talkin...

fleet vehicle maintenance and repair tips
Safety Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Tips to Keep Your Drivers Safe

You need simple solutions to reduce your fleet’s cost of loss. One way to do so is to focus on fleet vehicle maintenance and repairs.

the five-step action plan hr and safety need to be aligned
Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

The 5-Step Action Plan HR and Safety Need to Be Aligned

Creating a world-class safety training program requires your HR and Safety departments to be aligned.

tech and techniques to increase safety
Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Tech and Techniques to Increase Safety: Recap from the Fleet Safety Experience Event

Are you experiencing high accident numbers for your light-duty vehicle fleet? Do you have little to no budget or time to solve your safety problem? Th...

Product Updates

Sync Indeed Applications to A-Suite Instantly With Our Newest Integration

At AvatarFleet, we understand that recruiters are often forced to source candidates across dozens of channels every day.

how to host safety training online
Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Host Safety Training Online

Traditional safety and driver training happens in the classroom, or behind the wheel, and is led by an instructor. These are both important aspects of...


Updated Entry-Level Driver Training Regulations

The FMCSA will roll out new Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) regulations that take effect on February 7, 2022. What does this mean for your company?

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

5 Learning Management Features That Will Help Your Non-CDL Drivers Avoid Accidents

Moving your non-CDL driver training online saves you time, money, and headaches. Best of all, it’s easier than you might think. You just need one simp...

Product Updates

Speed Up Your Application Process With EZApp

Did you know 60% of job seekers quit in the middle of filling out online job applications because of their length or complexity? 

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Essential Strategies For Preventing Non-CDL Accidents - The Fleet Safety Experience

Accidents cost you lost time, rising insurance premiums, and perhaps even court fees. The good news is, accidents don’t have to happen. Attend The Fle...


Nuclear Verdicts: Are You Running Naked With Scissors?

What would happen to your company if you were handed a $1 billion verdict in a court case? It sounds far-fetched, but today it’s a reality. A Florida ...


How to Convert Drivers Using Targeted Landing Pages

Are you struggling to keep up with the recruiting demands of your company? Are you watching your advertising budget skyrocket? Would you love to upgra...

Recruiting A-Suite Recruit

Why Qualified Drivers Aren't Replying to Your Ads

Are you fishing with a net or a spear?

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Implement a Driver Training Program

A professionally-made driver training program can drastically reduce your accidents and injuries. In fact, some have such an impact that the cost of l...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

4 Driver Safety Training Courses You Must Be Teaching to Inexperienced Drivers

Every driver you hire, you take on risk. You put them behind the wheel for your company and entrust them with your goods, services, vehicles, customer...

Recruiting Retention

High Driver Turnover Highlighted in HireRight's 2021 Benchmark Report

Looking for industry news on essential recruiting and retention trends? Look no further. HireRight® released its Global Benchmark report this summer c...

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