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understanding inefficiencies that increase risk at your fleet
Compliance A-Suite Comply Solving The Driver Problem Podcast

Understanding Inefficiencies That Increase Risk at Your Fleet featuring SambaSafety

How confident are you that your drivers report every violation they have in a timely manner? Any accident that happens between a violation or an expir...

tech and techniques to increase safety
Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Tech and Techniques to Increase Safety: Recap from the Fleet Safety Experience Event

Are you experiencing high accident numbers for your light-duty vehicle fleet? Do you have little to no budget or time to solve your safety problem? Th...

Product Updates

Sync Indeed Applications to A-Suite Instantly With Our Newest Integration

At AvatarFleet, we understand that recruiters are often forced to source candidates across dozens of channels every day.

how to host safety training online
Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Host Safety Training Online

Traditional safety and driver training happens in the classroom, or behind the wheel, and is led by an instructor. These are both important aspects of...


Updated Entry-Level Driver Training Regulations

The FMCSA will roll out new Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) regulations that take effect on February 7, 2022. What does this mean for your company?

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

5 Learning Management Features That Will Help Your Non-CDL Drivers Avoid Accidents

Moving your non-CDL driver training online saves you time, money, and headaches. Best of all, it’s easier than you might think. You just need one simp...

Product Updates

Speed Up Your Application Process With EZApp

Did you know 60% of job seekers quit in the middle of filling out online job applications because of their length or complexity? 

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Essential Strategies For Preventing Non-CDL Accidents - The Fleet Safety Experience

Accidents cost you lost time, rising insurance premiums, and perhaps even court fees. The good news is, accidents don’t have to happen. Attend The Fle...


Nuclear Verdicts: Are You Running Naked With Scissors?

What would happen to your company if you were handed a $1 billion verdict in a court case? It sounds far-fetched, but today it’s a reality. A Florida ...


How to Convert Drivers Using Targeted Landing Pages

Are you struggling to keep up with the recruiting demands of your company? Are you watching your advertising budget skyrocket? Would you love to upgra...

Recruiting A-Suite Recruit

Why Qualified Drivers Aren't Replying to Your Ads

Are you fishing with a net or a spear?

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Implement a Driver Training Program

A professionally-made driver training program can drastically reduce your accidents and injuries. In fact, some have such an impact that the cost of l...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

4 Driver Safety Training Courses You Must Be Teaching to Inexperienced Drivers

Every driver you hire, you take on risk. You put them behind the wheel for your company and entrust them with your goods, services, vehicles, customer...

Recruiting Retention

High Driver Turnover Highlighted in HireRight's 2021 Benchmark Report

Looking for industry news on essential recruiting and retention trends? Look no further. HireRight® released its Global Benchmark report this summer c...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Calculate Driver Training ROI

Are the time, money, and resources you pour into driver training worth it? Or are you working up a sweat to get mediocre results? When implemented cor...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Boost Driver Training Results with a Learning Management System

  You should be spending less time and resources on driver training while getting better results. Many companies with a fleet of non-CDL drivers pour ...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Make Your Non-CDL Drivers Safer

If your employees need to drive to perform essential job duties, they’re professional drivers. Pest control specialists, delivery drivers, and utility...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Prevent Distracted Driving

If you put employees behind the wheel, their most important job is to be defensive drivers who prevent accidents. This makes you a more efficient oper...

Compliance Safety

Earn NATMI Certification Renewal Points for Training We Offer

Earn points towards NATMI certification renewal with AvatarFleet’s professional safe driving training programs.

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Why It's So Important To Train Your Drivers Right Now

Dealing with a worker shortage in your light duty vocational fleet? You’re not alone. America is suffering from a surplus of jobs and a shortage of ap...


Fleet Owner Fined for Falsifying Compliance Docs

We all know what happens when we’re not ready for the DOT audit. Fines, court dates, or even worse - prison time - can happen when we’re not in compli...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Share Fleet Safety Tips Through Newsletters

If you want meaningful and permanent reductions to your accident numbers, it isn’t enough to just train your new hires. You need to consistently educa...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Why Do Accidents Occur?

When you train your light-duty and non-CDL vehicle drivers to prevent accidents, you save money, become a more efficient company, and protect your peo...


How to Recruit Veterans with Matt Leonard of Military Talent Source

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Should You Check Mobile Phone Records After a Light-Duty Vehicle Accident?

You need safe, defensive drivers in your fleet of non-CDL vehicles. When your employees focus on preventing accidents, you’ll enjoy lower cost of loss...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Know if Your Drivers Need a CDL

In order to protect your company from hefty fines, it’s essential to understand whether or not your drivers need a commercial driver’s license.


Understanding the PRO Act and How it Affects Truckers

This blog was written by John Kuder with consultation from Jordan Call and Marc Blubaugh from Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP. The Unit...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

What Are The DOT Requirements For Non-CDL Drivers’ DQF?

Did you know that you may be required to keep driver qualification files for non-CDL drivers?

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

5 Ways to Improve Fleet Safety For Non-CDL Drivers

Your fleet safety training program should actually be saving you time and money. It doesn’t need to be a burden on your company.


What Google's Change in Privacy Policy Means for Driver Recruiters

Digital advertising is an integral part of your driver recruitment strategy. Any changes in online privacy laws can affect your ability to reach and t...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Safety KPIs: How to Set Achievable Goals


Are You Posting a Job or an Opportunity for a Career?

If you want to hire more qualified drivers, your job postings need to stand-out from your competition.

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

4 Safety Concerns Utility Drivers Commonly Overlook

What’s the most dangerous part of a utility worker’s job? Climbing a telephone pole? Dealing with a downed wire? While those are both high-risk activi...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Make Safety Meetings Fun

Are your safety meetings engaging, educational, and productive? Or are they a painful experience for your non-CDL drivers?

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

What To Do if Your Non-CDL Driver Gets in an Accident

The most important part of your drivers’ job is preventing accidents. That means you should do everything you can to reduce accidents and injuries in ...


What is a DOT Physical?

Being a truck driver isn’t easy.

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

3 Safe Driving Habits Your Non-CDL Drivers Need

Your light duty, non-CDL drivers face as much risk behind the wheel as a truck driver.


Are Your Non-CDL Drivers Following These Steps Before Driving to a Job?

Your non-CDL light-duty vehicle drivers face tremendous risk out on the road. Other people, road conditions, and weather all create chances for seriou...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Run Effective Fleet Safety Training Across Multiple Locations

Managing fleet safety training across multiple locations can be a cumbersome, costly, and painful process.

Recruiting Retention

Why Your Drivers Voice is Critical to Recruiting & Retention

You have a powerful driver recruiting and retention resource sitting at your fingertips: your current drivers.

Recruiting Retention

Voice of the Driver: What We Learned from the 2020 OTA Driver of the Year Nominees

The Ultimate Guide to Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training
Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

The Ultimate Guide to Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Accidents are a common and costly part of your business. They cost lost-time, a large chunk of your budget, and paid worker’s compensation. Worse yet,...

2021 First Quarter Features Recap

  Opting In/Out of Mass Emails and Texts Your leads, candidates, and team members have the option to opt out of mass communications emails and text me...

Compliance Safety

How You Can Prevent a Nuclear Verdict Webinar Recap: March 25

As nuclear verdicts become more prevalent in North America, transportation companies are experiencing skyrocketing insurance premiums for excess cover...

Compliance Safety

How You Can Prevent a Nuclear Verdict Webinar Recap: March 24

As nuclear verdicts become more prevalent in North America, transportation companies are experiencing skyrocketing insurance premiums for excess cover...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Like it or Not - Your Light Duty Vehicle Drivers Need Safety Training

If your employees drive in order to complete vital job duties, they’re professional drivers. And without the proper training, they’re putting themselv...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Warning Signs That You Need Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

According to OSHA, the average car accident will cost a company around $16,500. However, an on-the-job crash that results in an injury can cost nearly...

Safety Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How Often Should You Do Safety Training?

If you want to get in shape and stay in shape, it’s not enough to spend a week lifting weights and running. You need to keep-up with an exercise routi...

Why Your Company Needs Monthly Safety Meetings
Safety Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Why Your Company Needs Monthly Safety Meetings

It isn’t enough to train your drivers when you first hire them. They need to be re-trained, re-trained again, and then re-trained some more. And here’...


How You Can Prevent a Nuclear Verdict [Webinar]: Interviews With Our Expert Panelists

AvatarFleet will host two webinars, entitled How You Can Prevent a Nuclear Verdict, on March 24 and March 25 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. EST. 

The Importance of an LMS For Your Safety Training
Safety Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

The Importance of an LMS For Your Safety Training

Traditionally, training takes up a lot of time, money, and resources. You need to gather everyone together, pay a trainer to flip through a powerpoint...

7 Things Owner/Operators Should Know Before Buying Health Insurance

7 Things Owner/Operators Should Know Before Buying Health Insurance

As an Owner/Operator, you are tasked with operating a business and driving professionally. That is two full time jobs and we know it’s just the beginn...

Safety Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

6 Strategies For Effective Online Defensive Driving Training

Training your employees in defensive driving today isn’t the same as it was a year ago. What can you do to continue keeping your drivers safe in all t...


AvatarFleet to Host Two Virtual Events on How to Prevent Nuclear Verdicts

CLEVELAND, Ohio, Feb. 8, 2021 – AvatarFleet, the software provider that helps transportation companies fill empty seats, pass every audit, and save dr...


How to Build Safety Training into Your New Hire Orientation

Do you trust your new-hires to get behind the wheel? Do you trust them to avoid risk and prevent accidents on the job site? Or, are you holding your b...

Safety Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Use Driver Mentors For Safety Training

Safety Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Create a Safety-Centric Culture

How can you influence your employees to care about safety as much as you do? What will it take to get your employees to think, breathe, and dream abou...

Safety Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Why Driver's Ed Isn't Enough: The Importance of Professional Driver Training

Do your employees drive in order to fulfill vital job duties? If the answer’s yes, you have professional drivers.


Get More Drivers to Apply on Facebook With A-Suite Ad's Latest Update

It just got a whole lot easier to build a consistent recruiting machine filled with the right drivers!

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