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Safely and Effectively Groom the Next Generation of Drivers

Use A Culture Contract to Improve Driver Retention2 

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The average age of an Over-the-Road truck driver is 55. If you want to have a trucking company in five years, you need a plan to safely and effectively hire and train recent CDL graduates.

The CDL Finishing School program is designed to provide a structure and documented process for your green drivers. Regardless of the trainer, you’ll know the content, delivery and documentation will be the same high level of effectiveness.

CDL Finishing School effectively trains and develops recent CDL graduates into safe professional truck drivers, providing a consistent process and documentation.

CDL Finishing School builds on our online driver training and our train-the-trainer program, LLLC Instructor Certification. All of your trainers must be LLLC Certified Instructors to execute the program.

Program Overview:

  • Online Learning: CDL Finishing School Trainees start with the A-Fleet: Professional Safe Driver Course - 16 modules of online driver training courses

  • Classroom: Review concepts covered in the online portion and prepare for the closed course
  • Closed Course: Trainees demonstrate their Behind-The-Wheel skills in controlled environment before proving they’re ready for the road
  • Live Loads: A LLLC Certified Instructor models the proper behaviors Behind-The-Wheel and then coaches from the passenger seat using our LLLC Instructor principles and Performance Standards

  • PTDI Certified: AvatarFleet's CDL Finishing School is certified by the standard of the industry, the Professional Truck Driver Institute


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Getting Started:

  • Contact your insurance company and send them our syllabus and tracking materials

  • Determine the number of Driver Trainers you need and put them through the LLLC Certification process

  • Begin recruiting at schools


  • Online Learning:
    • Professional Safe Driver Course - 16 modules of online driver training courses
    • LLLC Instructor - individual and classroom courses
    • How to Implement CDL Finishing School
  • Syllabus: Candidates will complete a 8-week syllabus detailing every hour of the program

  • Guide Books: 
    • Trainee Study Guide – Mirror content of Instructor Guide designed as reference materials for trainees
    • Instructor Guide – Consistent documented training process for LLLC Certified Instructors to follow
  • Performance Standards:  Skills-development based on 24 Explicit Performance Standards such as Truck Inspection, Following Distance and Backing
  • Documentation: Daily documentation to track and report on progress, a final knowledge exam and final driving evaluation


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