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2020 Fourth Quarter Features Recap


A-Suite Term Changes

We have adjusted some of the terms used within A-Suite.

  • Employees are now known as Team Members
  • Leads and Candidates have been combined into Prospects
  • Recruiting Tasks are now known as Forms

New User Profile

We have given our user profiles a major update! Some of the new features and benefits include profile pictures; a new tabbed layout in place of the old accordion-style panels; a License graphic showing the user’s drivers license information, and consolidation of the action buttons into two categories: Action and Create.

In the right panel, you will find Records, Applications, Email and Text Communications, and more. The pairing of the two panels makes it easy to manage your user’s applications and records with drag-and-drop functionality.

The left panel is now collapsible, allowing you to see the right work area in the full width of the window.

Mass Text Messages

In addition to A-Suite’s individual text messaging, you can now send mass text messages in a fashion similar to sending a mass email. To do so, create a task list of users, and then choose Mass Text Message from the Mass Actions menu.

You can also set up mass text message templates to use for future messages, either on-the-fly, or from the configuration menu.

Opting In/Out of Mass Messages

In order to send mass text messages, users must have the ability to opt in or out of them. For this reason, we added an opt in/out function in a couple different areas of A-Suite.

You can have your candidates specify their mass texting preference in three ways:

  • On a job application
  • In a Form Request
  • When they create their account

These options give you the ability to have your current employees specify their preference and set your system up so future applicants and team members always take this important step right away.

Form Request Updates

Form Requests now has additional features making it easier for you to collect information and records that you need. First, we have added the ability to send a form request to an employee’s manager or recruiter, or another individual entirely. With this added functionality, forms can be sent to the person most able to do the job instead of creating additional responsibility for a driver or prospect to jump through hoops.

Second, you can elect to pre-fill form fields for which A-Suite already has information, like name, address, email, and so on. This can speed up the process on the team member or prospect’s end.

Facebook Ad Leads

We are excited to announce that A-Suite can now automatically import leads collected from Facebook Ads. When a prospect fills out your Facebook form, that information is used to create a Prospect account in A-Suite, allowing you to use A-Suite’s recruitment tools to help them apply and ultimately hire as a team member.

New call-to-action

Announcements Splash Screen

We updated our Release notes splash screen to feature important announcements. These announcements could include software updates, upcoming webinars, important actions, or many other topics.

The announcements screen will open when you log in, and you can open it later by going to Support and clicking View Announcements.

Release Notes can be found in the bottom corner of the Announcements dialog box.