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Understanding Inefficiencies That Increase Risk at Your Fleet featuring SambaSafety

How confident are you that your drivers report every violation they have in a timely manner? Any accident that happens between a violation or an expired license gives plaintiff attorneys ammunition to add a few zeros to your settlement. You need a cost-effective way to monitor their MVR’s. Our integrated partner SambaSafety can help. 

AvatarFleet’s President Scott Rea and SambaSafety’s Chief Marketing Officer Eric Waldinger recently sat down together on an episode of Solving The Driver Problem. The two discussed the major risks carriers face when their drivers fail to alert them of a compliance issue or a violation.


The Risk of a Nuclear Verdict

Drivers are required by law to report a violation to you within 24-hours. The problem is, there’s no government agency watching that in real-time. So, if a driver decides to let the violation slide and not bring it up, you’re blind to it until your next yearly MVR review, which could be up to 364 days.

If that driver who shouldn’t be on the road is involved in a collision, it could hurt you in more ways than one.

  • More violations equal more risk. A driver who has more violations is simply more at risk for being involved in some sort of accident or incident. They are exhibiting more unsafe behaviors which leads to more accidents. Even if they are minor incidents or they’re not found to be at fault, it raises your cost of loss. That’s why you need to discover violations before they become a problem for you.
  • Whether your driver is at fault or not, you pay. When a driver is out of compliance and is involved in a collision, it doesn’t matter who caused it. Your driver could be rear-ended while waiting for a light to turn green. You’ll still be the one who pays because, as a plaintiff attorney will tell you, "the driver shouldn’t have been on the road in the first place."
  • Greater chance of a nuclear verdict. On the flip side, let’s say the collision is found to be your driver’s fault. Someone is hurt or, tragically, killed. You come to find out the driver had a prior violation that should have put him or her out of collision. You don’t even want to imagine what that would cost you.

So, what’s the solution? Run MVRs every day so you’re never caught sleeping on your drivers’ violations? Of course not. That would cost millions of dollars.

You need a cost-effective way to reduce the time gap between your driver having a violation and you finding out about it.

SambaSafety Driver Monitoring solves your problem.

How Will SambaSafety Driver Monitoring Help Reduce Risk? 

Driver Monitoring is like pulling an MVR every day for all of your drivers without the ridiculous overhead.

This program looks for changes in MVRs for all of your drivers and sends you alerts for violations and suspended licenses. This way, you don’t need to count on your drivers to close the loop if they have a violation.

A program like Driver Monitoring:

  • Helps you stay in compliance
  • Reduces your risk of a nuclear verdict
  • Provides guidance on what alerts to act on quickly
  • Allows you to understand the status of every driver on your compliance platform
  • Could even count as running your annual MVR depending on your state laws

As an added bonus, Driver Monitoring has been shown to reduce accidents by 14% and claims by 22%. This is because your drivers know they’re being monitored and will drive safer as a result.

Implementing driver monitoring reduces accidents, injuries, and your fear of a nuclear verdict.

How Will Driver Monitoring's Integration With A-Suite Comply Make Your Life Easier?

A-Suite Comply has been around for years helping you ditch the manilla folders and stay in compliance with less effort. A blind spot was the need for drivers to self-report violations.

Our integration with SambaSafety Driver Monitoring just plugged that leak.

Now, with A-Suite Comply, you benefit from:

  • Automated notifications when a driver is in danger of going out of compliance
  • No more scavenger hunts - all DQ files are stored in one place
  • Integration with your Applicant Tracking System - get the info you need from new drivers quicker
  • Zero failed audits and zero punitive damage
  • Real-time updates when a driver has a violation

With our latest integration with Samba Safety, now’s the time to invest in A-Suite Comply

Never get caught sleeping on compliance again.

Try A-Suite Compliance Free

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