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Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Strategies to Avoid OSHA Violations

OSHA violations cost light-duty fleets hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Worse yet, these violations lead to accidents, injuries, and even ...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Implement a Driver Safety Training Program

A professionally-made driver training program can drastically reduce your accidents and injuries. In fact, some have such an impact that the cost of l...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Proper Lifting Techniques for Fleet Drivers

Accidents cost you time and money. However, we aren’t just talking about driving accidents. We’re also talking about accidents that lead to personal i...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Prevent Distracted Driving

If you put employees behind the wheel, their most important job is to be defensive drivers who prevent accidents. This makes you a more efficient oper...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

3 Ways Municipal Fleets Can Save Money with Safety Training

Accidents are costing your municipal fleet time and money. Worse yet, they’re common.

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Keep Your Pest Control Fleets & Drivers Safe

Pest control fleet drivers are at risk for injury and illness from workplace hazards, chemicals, and sprays. The good news is, these risks are top of ...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

The 5 Most Common OSHA Violations for Light Duty Fleets

Your light-duty vehicle drivers are at risk of serious accidents and injuries due to OSHA violations. This also means that your company is at risk.

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Delivery Driver Accidents On The Rise - How Can You Protect Your Drivers?

If you have delivery drivers, you’re at risk of losing tens of thousands of dollars in cost of loss per year. Perhaps you’re at risk of losing million...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Tips for Fleets to Avoid Bloodborne Pathogen OSHA Violations

As a fleet owner or manager, bloodborne pathogens are likely not high on your list of concerns. That doesn’t mean they don’t present a risk to your dr...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Brake Safety Week: A Focus on Safe Braking for Fleet Drivers

Brake Safety Week runs from August 21st through August 27th. This initiative is put in place by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) with the...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How Your Fleet Can Prevent Slips, Trips, And Falls

Slips, trips, and falls are the most common OSHA injury. This means you need to take action to prevent them for your fleet drivers.

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Highway Accident Results in Explosion - Could it Have Been Prevented?

In May of 2022, an ODOT vehicle and a dump truck were involved in a serious accident on I-77 that resulted in an explosion. Luckily, no one was killed...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

3 Fleet Safety Tips for Utility Fleets

Your utility workers are at risk for serious accidents and injuries every day. However, their biggest risk doesn’t come from fixing downed lines, clim...

Safety Training for Fleet Management
Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Why Safety Training Is Essential for Fleet Management Professionals

The goal of fleet safety training is to protect employees, reduce accidents, save the company money, and save everyone time and headaches dealing with...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Night Driving Safety Tips for Fleet Drivers

If your company puts people out on the road for work - whether it’s delivering goods, providing services, or visiting job sites - you’re at risk of ma...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

3 Ways to Reduce Accidents for Tow Truck Drivers And Save Money

Tow truck drivers face the risk of accidents and injuries. The fact is, it’s a dangerous job. As the owner/manager of a tow truck company, that risk i...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Why Driver Fatigue is Dangerous for Fleets and How to Avoid It

What does an accident cost your company? Probably more than you think. A single accident can cost a company with work truck, van, sedan, or truck driv...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Reduce Accidents and Injuries for Construction Fleets

When your construction workers have accidents, it costs you money. You lose out on workers’ compensation, rising insurance costs, lost time, vehicle r...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

What Are The DOT Requirements For Non-CDL Drivers’ DQF?

Did you know that you may be required to keep driver qualification files for non-CDL drivers?

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Safety Measures to Prevent Injuries to Your Fleet Truck Drivers

Light-duty fleet truck drivers face the risk of serious accidents and injuries while on the job. The legal and financial risk is transferred to the co...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Get Fleet Safety Buy-In

Accidents are costing you time, money, and resources. Worse yet, they’re hurting your people. The solution, of course, is to invest in a fleet safety ...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How HVAC Companies Improve Profits With Fleet Safety Training

You and your HVAC technicians face immense exposure to risk and cost of loss. Where does the risk come from? On-the-job injuries like strains and spra...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Improve Your Driver Safety Policy

The goal of having driver safety policies is to prevent accidents and injuries while reducing your liability. You likely already have some safety poli...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Safe Following Distance for Light-Duty Truck Drivers

Accidents lead to lost time, injuries, and rising costs. This holds true for an accident of any severity. So, what’s the most common cause of vehicula...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How Light-Duty Fleets Can Reduce Employer Liability

Your non-CDL or light-duty drivers face risks out on the road. They face the risk of accidents, injuries, or even fatal collisions. However, the risk ...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Evaluate and Select Light-Duty Vehicle Drivers

You need light-duty vehicle drivers who will avoid accidents, reduce risk, and get the job done without incident. In short, you need safe and reliable...

4 safety policies every fleet safety program should have
Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

4 Safety Policies Every Fleet Safety Program Should Have

Rules, policies, and procedures are not “safety.” Safety and accidents come down to human behaviors. After all, rules won’t always stop your drivers f...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Top Job Hazards Currently Facing Fleet Operations

Your non-CDL driver accidents and injuries are costing you money. Worse yet, they result in pain and suffering. If you want to reduce accidents, injur...

fleet accident management
Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

What is Fleet Accident Management and Why Should You Consider It?

Accidents cost non-CDL fleets money, plain and simple. They cost you fines, repairs to vehicles, lost time from employees, and much, much more. Even w...

what does it mean to be fleet safety certified
Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

What Does It Mean to Be 'Fleet Safety Certified'?

Most light-duty fleets are not regulated by the Department of Transportation. Thus, there is no specific “fleet safety certification” or demarcation f...

fleet vehicle maintenance and repair tips
Safety Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Tips to Keep Your Drivers Safe

You need simple solutions to reduce your fleet’s cost of loss. One way to do so is to focus on fleet vehicle maintenance and repairs.

the five-step action plan hr and safety need to be aligned
Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

The 5-Step Action Plan HR and Safety Need to Be Aligned

Creating a world-class safety training program requires your HR and Safety departments to be aligned.

tech and techniques to increase safety
Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Tech and Techniques to Increase Safety: Recap from the Fleet Safety Experience Event

Are you experiencing high accident numbers for your light-duty vehicle fleet? Do you have little to no budget or time to solve your safety problem? Th...

how to host safety training online
Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Host Safety Training Online

Traditional safety and driver training happens in the classroom, or behind the wheel, and is led by an instructor. These are both important aspects of...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

5 Learning Management Features That Will Help Your Non-CDL Drivers Avoid Accidents

Moving your non-CDL driver training online saves you time, money, and headaches. Best of all, it’s easier than you might think. You just need one simp...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Essential Strategies For Preventing Non-CDL Accidents - The Fleet Safety Experience

Accidents cost you lost time, rising insurance premiums, and perhaps even court fees. The good news is, accidents don’t have to happen. Attend The Fle...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

4 Driver Safety Training Courses You Must Be Teaching to Inexperienced Drivers

Every driver you hire, you take on risk. You put them behind the wheel for your company and entrust them with your goods, services, vehicles, customer...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Calculate Driver Training ROI

Are the time, money, and resources you pour into driver training worth it? Or are you working up a sweat to get mediocre results? When implemented cor...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Boost Driver Training Results with a Learning Management System

You should be spending less time and resources on driver training while getting better results. Many companies with a fleet of non-CDL drivers pour th...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Make Your Non-CDL Drivers Safer

If your employees need to drive to perform essential job duties, they’re professional drivers. Pest control specialists, delivery drivers, and utility...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Why It's So Important To Train Your Drivers Right Now

Dealing with a worker shortage in your light-duty vocational fleet? You’re not alone. America is suffering from a surplus of jobs and a shortage of ap...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Share Fleet Safety Tips Through Newsletters

If you want meaningful and permanent reductions to your accident numbers, it isn’t enough to just train your new hires. You need to consistently educa...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Why Do Accidents Occur?

When you train your light-duty and non-CDL vehicle drivers to prevent accidents, you save money, become a more efficient company, and protect your peo...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Should You Check Mobile Phone Records After a Light-Duty Vehicle Accident?

You need safe, defensive drivers in your fleet of non-CDL vehicles. When your employees focus on preventing accidents, you’ll enjoy lower cost of loss...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Know if Your Drivers Need a CDL

In order to protect your company from hefty fines, it’s essential to understand whether or not your drivers need a commercial driver’s license.

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

5 Ways to Improve Fleet Safety For Non-CDL Drivers

Your fleet safety training program should actually be saving you time and money. It doesn’t need to be a burden on your company.

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Safety KPIs: How to Set Achievable Goals

You want to reduce your company’s accidents with your non-CDL drivers, but if you don’t have a goal in mind, you won’t get anywhere. That’s why you ne...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

4 Safety Concerns Utility Drivers Commonly Overlook

What’s the most dangerous part of a utility worker’s job? Climbing a telephone pole? Dealing with a downed wire? While those are both high-risk activi...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Make Safety Meetings Fun

Are your safety meetings engaging, educational, and productive? Or are they a painful experience for your non-CDL drivers?

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

What To Do if Your Non-CDL Driver Gets in an Accident

The most important part of your drivers’ job is preventing accidents. That means you should do everything you can to reduce accidents and injuries in ...

direct and indirect costs for fleet accidents
Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Direct and Indirect Costs for Fleet Accidents

What’s the cost of fleet accidents for your company? Probably higher than you think.

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

3 Safe Driving Habits Your Non-CDL Drivers Need

Your light duty, non-CDL drivers face as much risk behind the wheel as a truck driver.

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How to Run Effective Fleet Safety Training Across Multiple Locations

Managing fleet safety training across multiple locations can be a cumbersome, costly, and painful process.

The Ultimate Guide to Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training
Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

The Ultimate Guide to Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Accidents are a common and costly part of your business. They cost lost-time, a large chunk of your budget, and paid worker’s compensation. Worse yet,...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Like it or Not - Your Light Duty Vehicle Drivers Need Safety Training

If your employees drive in order to complete vital job duties, they’re professional drivers. And without the proper training, they’re putting themselv...

Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Warning Signs That You Need Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

According to OSHA, the average car accident will cost a company around $16,500. However, an on-the-job crash that results in an injury can cost nearly...

Safety Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

How Often Should You Do Safety Training?

If you want to get in shape and stay in shape, it’s not enough to spend a week lifting weights and running. You need to keep-up with an exercise routi...

Why Your Company Needs Monthly Safety Meetings
Safety Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

Why Your Company Needs Monthly Safety Meetings

It isn’t enough to train your drivers when you first hire them. They need to be re-trained, re-trained again, and then re-trained some more. And here’...

The Importance of an LMS For Your Safety Training
Safety Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

The Importance of an LMS For Your Safety Training

Traditionally, training takes up a lot of time, money, and resources. You need to gather everyone together, pay a trainer to flip through a powerpoint...

Safety Light-Duty Vehicle Safety Training

6 Strategies For Effective Online Defensive Driving Training

Training your employees in defensive driving today isn’t the same as it was a year ago. What can you do to continue keeping your drivers safe in all t...