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Introducing The New A-Suite Recruit Applications List

New Application List-1

We're excited to announce the latest version of A-Suite Recruit's Application List for users today! The new Application List offers more clarity, organization and speed to your recruiting workflow to help you get your job more efficiently.
Read about the updates below.

Cards In, Tables Out

We recognized that you need to sift through candidates quickly, that's why we redesigned the layout of the Applications List entirely, creating a card-style display versus table display. 

The cards display information in a three-column style-layout, with relevant User Profile information in the left column, Recruiting data in the middle column and a new Notes Panel in the right column.

All properties are able to be edited and customized to fit your workflow. 

A-Suite Recruit Cards

Advanced Filtering Made Easier

Advanced Filtering is a useful feature that enables you to drill down specific lists that you can save for later use. We've enhanced our filtering options to make it easier for you to collect the most important data about your candidates to help you get your job done faster.

Using the Advanced Filtering toggle ensures maximum efficiency when creating aggregate data, so we invite you to continue using it in Recruit's new interface today!

Advanced Filtering Made Easy

Leave Notes Without Leaving Your Application List

Writing notes about your candidates can help you and your team stay on top of the hottest recruiting leads coming in. In the new Applications List, you can now easily read and create new notes without ever leaving the page.

We hope you make use of the new interface and look forward to releasing more features soon!

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