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Fleet Owner Fined for Falsifying Compliance Docs

We all know what happens when we’re not ready for the DOT audit. Fines, court dates, or even worse - prison time - can happen when we’re not in compliance. For the owner of CAT Transportation, it was all of the above.

Michael Chaves, the owner of CAT Transportation, was sentenced on March 10th to two and a half years in prison and a $424,598 fine for falsifying driver qualification files.

In order to cover-up an affiliate’s out-of-service order, Chaves used another person’s identity without the person’s permission. He also generated false documents to show compliance with FMCSA rules and regulations.

Why would anyone make this choice when it comes to compliance? There’s an easier way.

Compliance Made Easy

No one wants to end up like CAT Transportation. Owners lose sleep over looming DOT audits. Not only that, but so many companies waste time with inefficient compliance processes, excel spreadsheets, and even paper DQ files.

If you invest in a digital compliance tracking system, these problems go away. You can benefit from:

  • Easy record keeping
  • Never losing a file again
  • Automated out-of-compliance alerts

Don’t lose sleep over another audit again.

Easy Record-Keeping

With a digital compliance tracking system like A-Suite Comply, you will have a much easier time updating and creating driver qualification files.

Compliance tracking systems allow you to:

  • Upload documents digitally
  • Automatically create files from a driver’s application
  • Access DQFs from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Message drivers from a one-stop-shop system when you need a document

Free Download: DQ File Checklist

This saves you time and headaches. Plus, you’ll rest assured knowing you’re ready for your next audit.

Never Lose Another File

With a digital compliance tracking system, all of your files will be in one secure location.

Back when folks used paper DQ files, someone could easily misplace an important document. A manager needs to access a driver’s file, he takes out the driver’s MVR, forgets to put it back, and next thing you know you’re signed up for a scavenger hunt.

A compliance tracking system solves this problem.

With digital DQ files, you have automatic backups, a central clearinghouse of compliance files, and the guarantee you’ll never lose a file again.

Automated Out of Compliance Alerts

We’re not sure why the owner of CAT Transportation made the decision to falsify a DQ file, but we do know automated out-of-compliance alerts could have helped.

A compliance tracking system makes sure you never get surprised by an out-of-compliance driver.

A program like A-suite Comply sends you 90, 60, and 30 day notices that important records are about to expire.

This way, you can easily stay on top of compliance.

Never Lose Money to The DOT

DOT audits are a necessary evil. They help ensure that the roads are a safer place, but they also create headaches and stress on companies. Worse yet, being out of compliance can lead to huge fines or even prison time in the case of CAT Transportation’s owner.

This doesn’t have to be you.

If you invest in a compliance tracking system, you can save yourself time, solve compliance problems easily, and avoid hefty fines.

We can help you make the switch today.

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