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Verified First & AvatarFleet Join Forces To Better Trucking

Verified First and AvatarFleet have partnered to streamline the hiring process through integration of background screening tools with AvatarFleet’s A-Suite Recruit, a top applicant tracking system for the transportation industry. As the premier pre-employment screening provider, Verified First brings a wide variety of background verification services to transportation companies who utilize the A-Suite Recruit system. 

The quality and speed of the hiring process are top priorities for AvatarFleet. Because the transportation industry is highly regulated, it is critical to identify qualified candidates and move them through the hiring process quickly. The powerful background screening tools offered by Verified First help facilitate this process and are integrated via a patent-pending technology developed by Verified First. 

Verified First’s portal allow users to quickly request a variety of background screenings on prospective employees. The portal interface is intuitive and designed to encourage users to observe FCRA and EEOC laws that govern background screenings, making it easier to comply with these important regulations. These features, combined with Verified First’s proprietary technology, significantly improve time-to-hire when screening candidates.

“We love safe drivers. We want to work with partners who help our clients find the right safe drivers in less time. The tools Verified First provides expedite the background screening and hiring process, which is why we are partnering with them,” said Scott Rea, President of AvatarFleet.  

The speed and quality of hiring are also top priorities emphasized in AvatarFleet’s A-Suite Recruit. Through providing an online application process, complete with structured interviews kits, A-Suite Recruit helps clients identify and hire top drivers faster. Their complete Applicant Tracking System allows customers to use a single interface to manage all aspects of the hiring process, which now includes background screening conducted by Verified First. 

“We’re pleased to have found an applicant tracking system that aligns so well with our purpose of helping companies make great hiring decisions. Because of our shared values and goals of our companies, we anticipate a successful business relationship for years to come,” said Tommy Cheng, President of Verified First.


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