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Distracted Driving PSA From A Crash Victim | AvatarFleet


Last week, I celebrated my 24th anniversary of surviving a near fatal head on collision.  I suppose I could feel sorry for myself, but instead, I treat every day as a gift.  I decided to blog on the subject, not to get anyone’s pity or attention, but to rather call to light our national epidemic of distracted driving.  Everyone at Avatar is committed to making the world a safer place.  But smart phones in the hands of ignorant people make our job very difficult.

Distracted Driving

distractionWe’re delighted that nearly a thousand people visited our site and read the blog.  More importantly, several dozen reported that they planned to share the story with their drivers, employees and even their teenage children.  That was very gratifying.  Today, one of our readers shared with us this remarkable 33 second public service announcement from the NHTSA and DOT .  Their joint efforts have developed a website focused on distracted driving.  Please, take one minute and sit down together with your kids and watch this together.  Maybe we can save a life.


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