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Why You Should Use Social Media to Recruit Drivers

Posted by Scott Rea on July 25, 2019 in the category Recruiting

Why You Should Use Social Media to Recruit Drivers

The driver problem requires some new thinking. If you’ve been following along with us for some time, we’ve shared numerous strategies that can help you recruit and retain quality drivers. You can build, grow and develop your driver recruiting funnel. You can improve your lead to hire conversion rates. Once drivers are on board, constantly provide them with compelling reasons they should retire with you by improving their work-lives. It’s time to add another tool to your recruiting arsenal: social media.

Love It or Hate It, Social Media Recruiting Works

Most of us have mixed feelings towards social media. It keeps us connected with friends and family across the world. However, it quickly becomes an addictive drug that creates a never ending quest for ‘likes’. While those negative feelings have validity, Marketing 101 says to go where your audience is. The numbers don’t lie: the vast majority of your current and prospective drivers are on social media. 

Trucking Info recently released an article on how to recruit drivers using social media. You can find some eye-opening data in there. For one, about three-fourths of drivers are on social media. Moreover, Facebook is far and away the most popular social media platform for them. 

You’re wasting a huge opportunity to recruit drivers if you ignore or don’t properly utilize social media channels. The article provides compelling examples of why you need to put serious energy into cultivating your social network. Maverick Transportation has been identified as a top tier performer with 74% of their drivers following them on Facebook. This provides opportunity to show the world how they interact and communicate with their drivers - in the words of drivers, it shows how you respect them. When appropriate, they have private pages for internal communication. Maverick respects the privacy for organically developed pages such as the Spouses Facebook group. These pages provide opportunity to isolated individuals on the road to feel like they are a part of a community. Combine these organic efforts with targeted paid advertising and Maverick generated 24% of it’s hires this year from Facebook.

3 Ways to Harness the Power of Social Media

The good news is that Maverick isn’t doing anything you can’t do, regardless of your size. Here are three ways that you can put social media to work for your recruiting efforts.

1. Targeted Ads

People post too much information about themselves online. That’s great news for your digital marketing efforts because you’re able to identify key details for your driver demographics and psychographics. Organize your targeted demographics and psychographics into groups called Driver Personas. These personas will be your guide to setting up effective targeted ad campaigns. 

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2. Positive Reviews

Many transportation companies have reservations about using social media due to their fear of negative reviews. It’s true that negative employee reviews on social media can tarnish your reputation and give a quality driver pause to apply. However, if negative reviews hold that kind of power, positive reviews are equally as powerful.

If you want to build positive reviews, it’s not enough to rely on the chance that your employees will leave them on your behalf. People are actually more likely to leave negative reviews than positive ones. That’s why you need to do is simply ask your best drivers to leave positive and honest reviews. They’re likely to say yes if you explain the why. If you have a referral bonus program, they’ll be even more inclined. That way, you’ll build a solid reputation and develop a driver-centric brand online. These efforts will produce more applications from higher-quality leads.

3. Visual Storytelling

Not all online content is created equal. If you want an effective social media presence, you need content that catches people’s attention. It’s most effective to use pictures or, better yet, videos. Humans are visual creatures. Video ads have the highest click through rate of any digital ad formats at 1.84%. Including relevant pictures and videos in your social media posts and ads means more clicks from interested leads.

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It’s Time For Some New Thinking

Are you having an easy time recruiting, hiring, and retaining the best the transportation industry has to offer? If so, by all means, keep doing what you’re doing. If you’re like the rest of the industry, though, and you suffer from rampant turnover and low-quality leads, it’s time to do something different. The days of applicants walking in through your door and filling out a paper application are over. Quality drivers are already driving for someone else. If you want them in your fleet, you have to go to where they are: social media.

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