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3 Ways To Improve the Driver Candidate Experience


Improving the candidate experience for potential drivers is an important on-boarding aspect that often gets overlooked. Use these tips to enhance the way you attract and convert leads so you can reduce your time to hire to under 3 days.


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1. Use Mobile-Friendly Applications To Convert Leads to Candidates

Across all of our clients, 90% of driver applications were completed on a smartphone. If you’re not providing a way for drivers to apply to a mobile-friendly application, this is how many applicants you could be missing out on.

Making a change to this kind of system can seem challenging, but with A-Suite's EZApp and Landing Page Builder, we make it simple to create customizable landing pages and forms to pass on leads into your recruiting funnel. Not only will these pages track which advertising source your candidate came from, they'll also look fantastic on any device, no matter if the driver is applying on desktop or mobile.

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2. Use Online Applications to Accurately Track Work/Address History

What's worse than having to print out a Previous Employer Release Form, fill it out, scan it to a computer and then fax that copy to an employer? Having to do it again because the driver's work history didn't provide a complete 10-year timeline.

With smart online applications, you’ll never have to mess with the fax machine or the constant back and forth with candidates to complete 10 years of work history. Now, they can just fill out the application (that they were directed to from your mobile friendly landing page), type in their full work history (which is verified through the A-Suite's Work-History Calculator) and submit. All this can take place in a matter of minutes, not hours.

3. Automatically Convert Your Candidate Files To Driver Qualification Files

When recruiting and on-boarding a new driver, it might seem like you're filling out the same paperwork 60 times...it’s because your candidates are filling out the same information 60 times With A-Suite Recruit, new drivers complete their new hire/contractor paperwork electronically that pre-populates all the information we already have on the driver - no more redundant writing and or typing. As soon as you click the Approve button, any form completed (application, release forms, new hire/contractor paperwork, etc.) will convert over to the Driver Qualification File, along with any other data collected, such as their birthday, social security number, CDL copy and more.

These three features are what allow you to hire more drivers while getting 20+ hours back in your workweek.

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