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How to Convert Drivers Using Targeted Landing Pages


Are you struggling to keep up with the recruiting demands of your company? Are you watching your advertising budget skyrocket? Would you love to upgrade some people driving for you? You need a simple, reliable, and cost-effective way to convert leads to hires. Targeted landing pages are the entry point into your recruiting funnel and tool that needs to be utilized.

What is a Targeted Landing Page?

A landing page is a section of your website that is accessed by someone clicking a hyperlink. In your case, the link is included in your recruiting ads and posts on Facebook and Instagram.

A targeted landing page, however, is one that is created specifically to attract and engage your ideal candidate. It contains everything that a driver needs in order to quickly apply and get into your hiring pipeline.

A targeted landing page:

  • Speaks directly to a driver’s unique pain points
  • Gets you to the hiring stage quicker
  • Saves you time and money in the hiring process

Best of all, if you’re an A-Suite subscriber, you have access to our EZApp program. EZapp is the best way to create, host, and implement targeted landing pages. 

Creating an Effective Landing Page With Driver Personas

To be frank, most hiring landing pages suck. Even the ones with a good design usually need some love. However, improving your landing page is actually easy.

It all starts with a deeper understanding of your driver personas. If you’ve read our blogs before, you’re probably familiar with this process.

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What Are Personas? And How Do They Relate to Hiring?

A driver persona is a tool used to better understand your hiring demographic and psychographic. “Persona” is a marketing term - it’s a group or bucket of people who have common traits. 

You use driver personas to understand your various ideal driver’s pain points, fears about changing a job, what they look for in a company, etc. Most likely, you’ll have several “personas” for various ideal driver candidates.

Once you’ve created your driver personas, you should create a targeted landing page specific to each persona. Write messaging in your hiring ads and landing pages that speak directly to the pain points of each driver persona and show how you solve them. You want your candidates to read your ads, click on the landing page, and think, “Hey, that’s me!”

Streamlining The Application Process

When you have your drivers at their targeted landing page, you need a streamlined application process that gets them into your pipeline quickly. The best drivers are applying for new jobs while they have down time on the road. They don’t have time to fill-out three forms or type in their name seven different times. If it’s more than a few clicks, they bounce to the next place hiring.

Create an online application housed on your landing page that asks candidates for their information one time. Integrate it with your applicant tracking system so it’s easy for your recruiters to call them without asking for more info.

Following this process will:

  • Save your candidates and you valuable time
  • Convert more leads and cut down on bounce rate
  • Attract more best-fit candidates

A Recipe For Hiring More Drivers

Here’s your step-by-step guide for finding and hiring best-fit drivers:

  • Create your driver personas
  • Prove you created a job for that driver persona using video testimonials
  • Use an online application that connects with your applicant tracking system

It’s a simple recipe that is guaranteed to lower your cost of loss and increase your quality candidates.

We promise it’s not complicated, but if you need help, let us know. We’ll set up a 30-minute free consultation with you and help you fill the top of the recruiting funnel.

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