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How To Find Drivers In A Tight Labor Pool

How To Find Drivers In A Tight Labor Pool

HireRight® is hosting a free webinar on this important topic on November 12th and we’re excited to be part of it. By all indications, we’re going to shut down the internet as thousands of trucking companies sign up to find out how they can solve their most pressing problem: finding good drivers.

Like you, they call it the driver shortage. And, like you, they spend countless hours and millions of dollars trying to recruit drivers. But we’re not convinced that there really is a driver shortage. At least not yet.

Before you jump to conclusions, we’re not terrorists and we’re not in league with Lucifer. We just think that right now, there’s a driver problem, not a driver shortage. Make no mistake about it, it’s a big problem. It’s an expensive problem. And, for the most part, it’s a problem that no one has been able to solve.

You’re playing a zero sum game and there are no winners. Each and every driver you hire comes from another fleet. Meanwhile, that other fleet is aggressively courting your drivers away. Imagine a game where there are 100 marbles. You and the other contestants take turns grabbing each other’s marbles, one at a time until the bell the rings. When you’re all done, you still have the same number of marbles. There are no winners, but you’re all exhausted.

So, when an established business leader like HireRight® offers to host an informative webinar with the provocative title, How To Find Drivers In A Tight Labor Pool, lots of people sign up. That’s good news, because those who attend will get a new way of looking at the driver problem. They’ll also get several actionable ideas and some free tools they can use to start fixing the problem.

I hope you’ll join us. We’ll present five distinct business processes that you can use to get better results. But here’s a warning: Please don’t sign up, if you think we’re going to spend the entire time talking about advertising, websites or job fairs. Driver recruiting, while a big challenge, is only one piece of the solution.

If you want better drivers, faster. And, if you want to hang on to the drivers you have, please join us. These are big challenges and we’re not going to sugar coat it. It takes hard work and persistence to chip away at the driver problem. 

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