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Product Updates

Product Updates

Truly Solve Your Driver Problem With AvatarFleet's Improved Platform

Driver Recruiters: you've been lied to.

Compliance Product Updates

3 Takeaways from the SambaSafety + AvatarFleet Webinar You Should Know About

Trucking companies face massive risk from aggressive plaintiff attorneys and nuclear verdicts. The FMCSA isn’t the main boogie-man anymore. It’s lawye...

Product Updates

Manage Your PEVs From One Screen with A-Suite's Latest Update

AvatarFleet released an upgrade to help you manage your Previous Employment Verifications (PEV). The A-Suite PEV Manager has received some handy upgra...

Product Updates

Easily Monitor Drivers with the AvatarFleet/SambaSafety Integration

Accessing motor vehicle reports can be expensive and time-consuming. Worse yet, if you fail to keep up to date with them, defense attorneys will sniff...

Product Updates

Get High-Intent Candidates with A-Suite's EZApp Update

Ready to fill your empty seats? A-Suite’s newest update to EZApp is one more tool to help.

avoid failing a dot audit with driver notifications in a-suite
Product Updates

Avoid Failing a DOT Audit with Driver Notifications in A-Suite

How hard is it today to track down a driver for a new license or to coordinate with dispatch a time to swing by your office to sign the Certificate of...

Product Updates

Sync Indeed Applications to A-Suite Instantly With Our Newest Integration

At AvatarFleet, we understand that recruiters are often forced to source candidates across dozens of channels every day.

Product Updates

Speed Up Your Application Process With EZApp

Did you know 60% of job seekers quit in the middle of filling out online job applications because of their length or complexity?