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Puryear Grows Fleet 122% While Reducing Accidents/Million Miles by 32%

Challenge Faced

Puryear Tank Lines, a third-generation, family-operated logistics firm, faced significant organizational and operational challenges with their initial software system. The platform, primarily designed for dispatch operations with safety features as an afterthought, was not user-friendly. It failed to provide efficient document management, especially for driver files, leading to a disorganized workflow. The absence of automation meant new hires spent excessive time on paperwork during orientation, depleting productivity and detracting from what’s important in hazmat/tanker hauling: safety.

The Turning Point

Recognizing the need to overhaul their recruitment and hiring processes, Puryear partnered with AvatarFleet, seeking to revamp their marketing strategy and streamline their hiring process. The collaboration marked a pivotal shift towards leveraging digital advertising to improve their number of quality leads. Puryear's decision to reconstruct their website, prioritizing driver testimonials and experiences, played a crucial role in making their company more appealing to potential hires. This move not only improved their market position but also aligned with their goal of emphasizing the driver's importance within the company.


Solutions and Strategy

The partnership with AvatarFleet introduced a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to Puryear's needs. By digitizing the entire hiring process, Puryear could capture the attention of potential drivers effectively and move them along the recruiting funnel faster.

To manage the influx of leads and optimize the recruitment workflow, Puryear expanded their partnership with AvatarFleet by adding Recruiting Services to it’s arsenal. This move allowed for efficient lead vetting and qualification, dramatically increasing the hire volume and enabling Puryear to concentrate on internal initiatives aimed at providing an exceptional career experience for their drivers.

Furthermore, the adoption of AvatarFleet’s system facilitated a more focused orientation process. By allowing new hires to complete onboarding documents electronically in advance, Puryear reclaimed valuable time previously spent on paperwork, dedicating it instead to safety and training. The introduction of the LLLC Defensive Driving Certification during orientation underscored Puryear's commitment to driver safety, contributing to a culture of continuous improvement and professional development.

Outstanding Results

The collaboration between Puryear Tank Lines and AvatarFleet led to remarkable outcomes:

  • Increased Hiring Rates: The hire volume more than tripled, jumping from 7 to 22 hires per month, showcasing the effectiveness of the new recruitment and vetting process.
  • Efficiency Gains in Orientation: By digitizing the paperwork process, Puryear reclaimed two hours of orientation time, redirecting focus towards essential safety training and the LLLC Defensive Driving Certification.
  • Enhanced Driver Development: The structured approach to driver safety and training not only improved on-the-job safety but also provided clear pathways for career advancement, with incentives like pay raises and recognition as drivers progressed through certification levels.
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