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Go Beyond Compliance to Combat Runaway Nuclear Verdicts


For the most recent episode of Solving the Driver Problem, Scott Rea met with Bluewire’s CEO, Steve Bryan.

Bluewire exists to protect transportation companies from aggressive plaintiff attorneys who paint reputation-damaging false narratives for motor carriers. AvatarFleet exists to solve your driver problem with our recruiting and compliance software.

Together, these two thought-leaders in the transportation industry met to discuss how you can reduce your cost of loss from unfair verdicts.


The Risk You Face From Lawsuits

We’ve all heard the horror stories of nuclear verdicts. Motor carriers are at risk of multi-million dollar lawsuits from one small mistake in training or compliance. These lawsuits can destroy your reputation, cripple your business, or even bankrupt you.

However, as Steve Bryan points out, these are not necessarily your biggest concern: “It’s the smaller ones–the hand-grenade verdicts–that were $50,000 and are now $250,000. You add those up, and it’s death by one-thousand cuts.”

You can go your whole career without ever suffering a nuclear verdict, but your growth is still extremely hampered by these common, painful, and avoidable lawsuits.

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How Can You Reduce Your Cost of Loss From Lawsuits?

As Bryan points out, “It’s the same answer whether it’s ‘keep your $250,000 to $50,000’, or ‘keep your $20 million down to $1 million.’”

Through years of research, Bluewire has identified over 250 KPIs that correlate with lawsuits leading to excessive settlements and nuclear verdicts. These include items such as:

  • Personal conveyance
  • Crash rate
  • Violations per inspection

These are just a few of the data points plaintiff attorneys specifically look for to attack your company reputation, expose your vulnerabilities, paint you as being egregiously unsafe, and emotionally inflame the jury to get their payday. They’re getting really good at it. “These trial lawyers are becoming some of the best data scientists I’ve seen,” Bryan says.

Bluewire has built an AI-based information platform capable of nullifying these attorneys’ playbooks. Bluewire is an information company focused on protecting your company's reputation. They understand precisely how your data will be manipulated and used against you in court, and they can tell you exactly where you are most exposed to writing a large check to a plaintiff.

Bluewire researches and monitors your leading indicators of risk, identifies potential issues, makes recommendations to close vulnerabilities, and crafts your authentic reputation story in defense of your company.

Go Beyond Compliance

Bryan describes compliance as a juggling act. You’re balancing on a ball while trying not to drop CSA, MVRs, pre-employment screening, and everything else you have to do. This is necessary to be in the industry. However, this juggling act can make you short-sighted.

Investing in a service such as Bluewire and a high-quality compliance tracking system, allows you to be proactive, and puts you on the offensive.

You’re no longer juggling in the hopes a plaintiff’s attorney doesn’t catch something you dropped. Instead, you’re obtaining tangible credit for your beyond compliance initiatives,  establishing your true safety narrative, and being proactive in reducing the frequency and cost of your lawsuits, making it easier to focus on growing your business.

You are the hero of your story. Together, AvatarFleet and Bluewire are here to protect what you’ve built. Bluewire exists to champion your company's reputation and AvatarFleet will help you solve your driver problem.

Visit bluewire.ai and avatarfleet.com to schedule your demos today.

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