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How to Choose Driver Recruiting Software

How to Choose Driver Recruiting Software


If you're like a lot of trucking companies, you have at one time or another decided to re-evaluate your driver recruitment process. Or you might be finally ready ditch the old school PDF application method and to go digital.

With heavy competition out there for drivers, speed is key for any recruiting process, so if you’re application and hiring process takes weeks or is cumbersome to the candidate, they’ll move on to another competitor that's easier. 

So how do you choose truck driver recruiting software to fit your overall company needs? Check out our guide to learn more:

Narrow the List to Driver Specific Systems

There are hundreds of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) out there but only a few are designed for transportation. There are enough nuances with attracting and retaining drivers while easily addressing the unique requirements of the Department of Transportation (DOT) that it requires a company who only thinks about transportation.

3 Things to Consider During Your Free Trial

If you were buying a new car, no doubt you’d take it for a test run. It works the same way with driver recruiting software. The challenge with a test drive is you need to focus on what’s important because you don’t have time to run down every available feature. Here are some keys to consider for your test drive.

1. Time to Hire

You need your time to hire to take days, not weeks. Conduct a time study on each task of the recruiting process to identify your biggest bottlenecks. Use the free trial to evaluate how the software will speed up each one of those bottle necks. Look for driver specific features like Previous Employment Verification, integrations with your MVR and background check providers, and digital form creation for all your DOT and company paperwork.  

2. Lead Source Tracking

You need to know where you’re spending your money in the recruiting process, but you don’t need to waste your time creating reports. Automate the tracking by creating unique links for each of your advertising or referral sources. Then, you’ll know where you’re finding your drivers without relying on your recruits to tell you. Candidates aren’t paying that much attention to where they heard about you and it’s not their job to do so. Secondly, jobs board aggregators like ZipRecruiter and Jobs In Trucks will post on dozens of sites on your behalf, including Indeed. Link tracking will automatically decipher if the candidate came from your ZipRecruiter posting on Indeed or your direct posting on Indeed. Spend your money accordingly.

3. Text Your Candidates

Communicate with recruits on their time and their terms. Generally speaking, with today’s drivers, texting is the preferred method of communication. Make it easy to send texts, receive images of CDLs and Med Cards and log your communication. Take note of how the driver recruitment software incorporates these features during your free trial.

Put The Work in Today to Save Yourself Time Tomorrow

Driver recruitment software programs like A-Suite can help you hire 20% more drivers in 50% of the time. However, change can be difficult and time-consuming up front if you choose the wrong software provider. Request to see the onboarding checklist and how much time it will take to go live. You should feel confident they know your business.

Out of the box, you should have a DOT compliant application, release forms and hiring process so you don’t have to start from scratch on your configurations. The time you spend on that today will save you exponential time in the future. More time and efficiency means you’re hiring more drivers - and that’s how driver recruiting software pays for itself.

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