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Reduce driver turnover and get better safety results

Your frontline managers hold the key to your success. Give them quality leadership training and most of your headaches will go away.

Leadership Development

Retain More Drivers

Drivers don’t quit your company. They quit their boss. Educate your frontline leaders on problem solving, communication, and trust-building skills to keep your best drivers.k and run digital recruiting campaigns.


Make Your Workplace Safer

Reduce collisions & injuries. Teach your frontline managers vital safety principles and risk management techniques and cut your insurance bill by 30%.


Become a More Efficient Operation

Cut-down on time wasting activities and avoidable problems. Educate your front-line leaders on time management and prioritization skills.

Employee Argument

Your front-line leaders could be costing you drivers

It’s not your trucks, your customers, your pay rates or your lanes. It’s you frontline managers. Teach them how to create a driver-centric culture and become the employer of choice.

How it works

Each month, your front-line managers log on to the LMS and complete a web-based module. Each module takes about 45 minutes. It ends with a quiz. You can monitor their progress from your administrator’s portal.

As they complete each unit, they print out a structured learning guide and start using the new skills on the job. They track successes and failures, and you can debrief them and provide coaching at the end of each month.

Study Guide

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