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Educate, train and develop 
your front-line supervisors and managers


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Front-line supervisors and managers are vital in driving your business and maintaining your corporate culture.

Under the best circumstances, they motivate your drivers to perform better. However, all too often they lack the necessary skills to develop relationships that improve driver engagement and retention.

Despite their importance, very few front-line leaders have ever received any professional development. Most were great drivers or technicians promoted in a rush or out of necessity. They had to learn the job while on the job.

AvatarFleet’s Leadership Development Course educates, trains, and develops your front-line supervisors and managers. It covers a wide range of leadership topics, and teaches your front-line leaders how to make better decisions, leading to better results.

How It Works:

Each month, your front-line supervisors log onto the AvatarFleet Learning Management System (LMS) and complete one web-based unit. Each unit is 30 to 40 minutes and has a quiz. You can monitor their progress through the course and review their scores.

At the end of each unit, your front-line supervisors print out a Structured Learning Guide. It has specific exercises for them to implement what they learned. This helps them transfer the new knowledge to their daily real-life challenges. It encourages skill development.

Leadership Development Courses


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Better Workplace
  • Improved corporate culture
  • Greater employee engagement
  • Enhanced customer confidence

Save Time and Money

  • Improved driver retention
  • Fewer accidents and injuries
  • Lower operating costs


Introduction to Leadership Development | Understanding Human Behavior | The Driver Problem | Communication Principles | Communication Techniques | Leadership Principles I | Leadership Principles II | Leadership Techniques I | Leadership Techniques II | Building Trust  | Creating a Fair Work Environment | Conflict Resolution | Problem Solving | Time Management | Accidents and Why People Have Them | Behavior-Based Safety | Building & Sustaining a Driver-Centric Culture | Performance Management | Operational Efficiency | Becoming the Employer of Choice

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