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ELDT Program

ELDT Program for CDL-A & CDL-B

The most modern and efficient method for training new drivers.



FMCSA-registered ELDT programs made specifically for you that feature CDL-A or CDL-B drivers.


Modern Approach

You can’t learn skills in a classroom. It’s impossible. Skills are only learned by doing them. Our modern approach delivers training right by the truck or bus. It’s faster, more consistent and leads to better learning outcomes.

Build Your Defense

Build Your Defense

Your instructors will instantly create digital training files using our unique smart phone training app, which creates Fortress™ to instantly shut down inspectors and pesky billboard attorneys.

About AvatarFleet's ELDT Course:


You’re in good hands. We’ve created ELDT curricula for 30 years - long before the feds gave it a thought. More than 1 million professional drivers got their CDL through our programs.

Now you can get the same great training for on tenth the cost.

Our ELDT Program:

  • Takes people from a sedan to a truck or bus in four weeks
  • Comes ready to implement – it's a turnkey solution
  • Includes entertaining and engaging videos accessed from any computer or smart device

What’s Included in Avatar’s ELDT Program?

Instructor Guides

Instructor Guides

Study Guides

Study Guides


Instructor™ App


Range Safety Rules


Diagrams & Measurements

Performance Standards

Performance Standards


Video Demonstrations


Video-Based Lessons

Proficiency Checkpoints

Proficiency Checkpoints

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Provider Comparison


AvatarFleet’s ELDT Program Other Guys
Meets all ELDT standards
Eliminates the need for classroom training - achieve better results in half the time
Includes access to Instructor™, the world’s first mobile training app that creates complete and accurate digital training records
Includes access to a World Class Learning Management System, providing you training 24/7. And, you can even add your own content for free.

Results in safer drivers who prevent accidents
Candidates graduate in just four weeks



ELDT CDL B Checklist

The logistics of ELDT is complicated. With so many moving parts and steps, it might feel like your head is spinning trying to keep it all straight. That's why we made an ELDT Checklist so you can keep focused on training and let us worry about the details.

Download Checklist


Avatar’s ELDT program is a monthly subscription based on number of users and vehicle type. As such, for exact pricing, we need additional information from you.

- Whether you’re training CDL-A drivers, CDL-B drivers, or both
- How many drivers you have at your company (for carriers)
- How many drivers you train per month (for CDL schools)

Contact us at iresto@avatarms.com to learn more.

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