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Virtual Driver Orientation with the A-Suite's Newest Integrations

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Welcome to the new age of driver training, onboarding, and orientation.

COVID-19 has made in-person orientation and new hire training all but impossible. You need a fast, efficient, and effective way to accomplish your new hire checklist remotely. The good news is we delivered. The better news is that these changes are going to improve your orientation process even after COVID is over. Our Virtual Orientation Process will take your orientation and driver training to the next level.

Improve Your Driver Orientation Process

Let’s be real. Letting drivers drink from a fire-hose for 1-3 days isn’t the best way for them to learn. 

How many times do you have to repeat something that was “taught” during orientation? An effective orientation is not done in a few days. It's a process, and you need to be in it for the long haul. There’s too much to learn about your company and your driving positions - a few days just doesn’t do it justice. You need an orientation process that saves you time, money, and resources. Not to mention, you need one that actually works.

We’ve streamlined the orientation process to better fit the needs of your drivers and save you resources. Our virtual orientation process includes:

  • The Virtual Classroom where you can utilize our Learning Management System to orient and train your new hires remotely
  • On-Demand Orientation Training that allows new hires to easily access videos on benefits, payroll, customer service etc.


The Virtual Classroom

It’s not always possible, cost-effective, or even helpful to gather everyone together in-person. Online video tools seem like an easy solution, but they experience a lot of lag while streaming videos. The Virtual Classroom makes it easy to orient and train your new hires remotely with high-quality video.

Our Learning Management System now integrates with Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, and Adobe Connect. This way, you can share screens during a presentation with high quality video and document attendance with a certificate. You can present your own video content or use ours. Assign multiple students to one instructor-led training course and auto generate certificates of completion. It’s never been easier to train your drivers in LLLC Defensive Driving.

On-Demand Orientation Training

Some orientation topics are too complicated (and important) to cover just once. You can’t expect your new hires to remember everything you tell them about benefits, payroll, and customer service in a one-hour classroom session. On-Demand Orientation Training allows your new hires to access essential company information any time, any place.

Benefits in particular are a family decision and the information usually needs to be given to someone at home. Currently, you have a team member deliver the same presentation on benefits every week. Now, that person just needs to put on a big smile and record that presentation for the last time. Your new drivers can access that video whenever they’d like, share it at home, and schedule one-on-one time with your benefits expert to answer their specific questions. Everyone’s time will be better spent. 

For your customer specific topics, you can make these courses available to watch immediately before delivering that load - this is just-in-time learning. It’s impossible to remember all the information you throw at a driver during orientation, so stop setting them up to fail. Simply record those presentations and allow them review those courses as many times as they need, and when they need.

Driver Orientation For The 21st Century

You have a dire need for virtual orientation and training today, but you can improve your processes for years to come. The Virtual Classroom and On-Demand Orientation Training can save you money while giving your drivers the experience they deserve. There will always be a time, a place, and a need for in-person meeting and training. For all those other times, you have our Virtual Orientation Process to lean-on. 

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