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ATCO Doubles Hires While Reducing Accidents/Million Miles to Zero

Challenge Faced

ATCO Hauling, a woman-owned, tractor-trailer, and dump truck company, found itself submerged under the weight of paperwork and manual processes. Before adopting AvatarFleet's A-Suite, the company's onboarding process was heavily reliant on physical documents, necessitating the presence of candidates in the office for completing paperwork. This approach led to inefficiencies, requiring the hire of additional staff solely for managing the cumbersome paper trail, which not only increased operational costs but also delayed the onboarding of new drivers.

The Turning Point

The operational turning point for ATCO came with the adoption of AvatarFleet’s A-Suite software, marking a significant shift from paper-based to digital processes. This transition was driven by the necessity to streamline operations, improve the speed-to-hire, and enhance the overall recruitment strategy without the added burden of manual paperwork.

Solutions and Strategy

ATCO’s approach to overcoming their challenges involved several key strategies facilitated by A-Suite:

  • Digitization of the Application Process: Moving from paper applications to an online system allowed ATCO to efficiently manage and store candidate information, significantly reducing the time and resources spent on processing applications.
  • Modernizing Onboarding: The convenience of the electronic application system streamlined the onboarding process, making it faster and more appealing to candidates. This change also enabled the company to eliminate the need for physical presence in the office, accommodating a more flexible and efficient hiring process.
  • Improved Communication and Tracking: Utilizing A-Suite's functionalities, ATCO could better communicate with candidates through smartphones and text messaging, facilitating easier coordination and follow-ups. This system also helped in maintaining a structured record of interactions with candidates, improving the interview process.
  • Implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Standardization eliminates confusion. AvatarFleet helped ATCO establish SOPs for every step of the recruiting process, standardizing documents and procedures, and ensuring clarity and efficiency in roles and responsibilities within the recruitment team.
  • Effective Marketing and Recruitment Strategy: Through neuromarketing tactics and the incorporation of video testimonials, ATCO was able to design standout ads and marketing materials, significantly improving their appeal to potential drivers.
  • Implementation of LLLC Defensive Driving: ATCO takes part in the LLLC Defensive Driving program, which has helped reduce accidents at an enormous rate.

Outstanding Results


The adoption of A-Suite by ATCO Hauling yielded remarkable results:

  • Increased Efficiency in Hiring: The transition to digital applications and the establishment of clear SOPs drastically cut down the time from application to hire, enabling ATCO to quickly fill positions with qualified candidates.
  • Cost Savings: By eliminating the need for additional staffing for paperwork management and reducing physical storage requirements, ATCO saved on operational costs.
  • Enhanced Recruitment Marketing: The use of targeted, science-backed marketing strategies helped ATCO stand out in a competitive job market, attracting a higher volume of quality applicants.
  • Work-Life Balance: The cloud-based functionality of A-Suite allowed for more flexible working conditions, enabling team members to manage work responsibilities alongside personal commitments more effectively.

“Even though I work 50-60 hours a week, I am able to spend some of those hours at home with my wife and family. The third party option with A-Suite gives me the ability to hop online and see what we have going on with applicants and my employees, and double check my compliances.”

“It makes a big difference balancing work and life. Even if I’m not spending a whole lot less time working, I’m able to address things more consistently and with better ability,” said Travis.

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