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Similarities Between Marriage and Truck Safety | AvatarFleet

Marriage and Truck Safety

Marriage and Truck Safety

Are you married? Odds are, yes. Currently in America, 52 percent of all adults are married. That means at least 121,600,505 of them chose to say “I do.” And, this doesn’t include those who said “I do,” then later said “I don’t.” Or those who said “I do,” then later said “I don’t,” then later said “I do, again.” So the number of times people chose to say “I do” is actually much larger.

Saying “I do” is a big deal. A lot of things happen when you say, “I do.” It’s an important decision, or at least it should be. It changes both your financial and social situations. It changes your lifestyle. It usually changes the kind of car you drive or what you do on Tuesday evenings. In short, choosing to say “I do” changes your life forever.

Life is full of choices. Chances are you’ve already made more than a dozen choices today. Some are big, like getting married and some are small like supersizing your fast-food order. But make no mistake about it, you are where you are right now because of the choices you have made. You may be successful by current standards, or not. You may be healthy or not. You may be kind and compassionate to others or not. These choices are all yours to make.

I realized just last night that all the people who said “I do” share something in common with all the people who said “I don’t.” Most choose to get behind the wheel of a car or truck and drive. They don’t know it, but it’s a very big choice – a choice that puts them at risk. You probably chose to drive to work today; a choice that could have ended your life. I am not Chicken Little. Last year 37,641 people died in vehicular collisions. I’d like to emphasize the one at the end of that number. It could have been you, but it wasn’t, because you’re reading this. But, maybe you survived a near miss, in which case the number might have been 37,642! Hmmm, deep thoughts.

Just like marriage, that first big choice leads to a thousand more. Once you choose to go out on the road, you’re faced with hundreds of new choices. Choices that affect your overall safety. But, do you think about it? I hope so. All too often I see drivers making poor choices like texting while driving, speeding and cutting in and out of traffic without signaling.

Professional truck drivers who have completed The A-Fleet Courses or LLLC Defensive Driving know the choices they make can spell life or death. They choose to Look Ahead 15 seconds so they are never surprised by changing traffic patterns. They choose to Look Around every two or three seconds to remain aware of their surroundings. They choose to Leave Room (six+ seconds of space) in front of them at all times. They choose to Communicate their intentions to others so no one is ever surprised.

You are where you are because the choices you have made. Now, you have a new choice to make. And, like any other choice, it will take you to tomorrow and beyond. Please choose to be safe. Choose to avoid unnecessary risk. Choose to pay attention to your driving and not your cell phone. Choose to live. If you own or manage a fleet, choose to give us a call and learn more about making the world a safer place.

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