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Get High-Intent Candidates with A-Suite's EZApp Update

Ready to fill your empty seats? A-Suite’s newest update to EZApp is one more tool to help.

EZApp is simple-to-use software designed to provide you with high-intent candidates, filter out poor-fit applicants, and decrease your recruiting budget. Best of all, it’s included with your subscription.

What is EZApp?

EZApp is an online application form that will streamline your recruiting and application process.

On the candidate’s end, drivers fill out a quick form and select a few filters such as driving experience, type of CDL license, etc.

On your recruiter’s end, your team has easy access to vital information on applicants. You can automatically screen-out candidates who are not a good fit, filter by your ideal qualifications and have faster access to best-fit drivers.

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EZApp is:

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Included in your A-Suite Recruit subscription
  • Custom-branded to your company

Why is EZApp Helpful?

The challenge with driver marketing is finding the right balance of high volume versus high intent. You need to weigh getting enough information to make a hiring decision and asking too much information on the first date they move on. Leads come in two flavors: Currently, you probably have little to no information on applicants. No one likes to get ghosted but you know you need 25 to 50 leads for each hire.

EZApp is the right balance of volume and intent.

With EZApp, you now have an application that:

  • Is easy to use for candidates on a phone, even the old school ones
  • Decreases application fatigue
  • Increases your high-intent and best-fit leads
  • Makes it easy for your recruiters to prioritize best-fit drivers

How Does EZApp Work?

For as much value as it provides you, EZApp is (you guessed it) easy to use.

On the backend, you set your questions, decide which questions are mandatory to fill out, and brand the application to your company. We’re always here to help you implement it.

Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 2.47.40 PM
Your candidates will see your simple, sleek application and fill it out. They’ll input their information, click the tags that apply to them, and send in their application.

Once an application is sent, your recruiters are notified in A-Suite. The candidate is automatically uploaded and tagged based on the information they selected.

Your recruiters will then filter based on qualifications, license type, and driving experience to meet your needs. They can prioritize your ideal candidates while ignoring those who might not be a great fit. If the candidate doesn’t fit your needs at all, they will automatically be rejected.

Not only will EZApp improve how you hire drivers, but you can use it to hire for any position in your company. All you need to do is alter the filters to fit the applicant and position you need.

For a more detailed explanation of how to use EZApp, check out this guide.

Fill Your Empty Seats

A-Suite exists to help you recruit, select, and hire best-fit drivers. EZApp is just the latest upgrade.

With EZApp, you will:

  • Reduce recruiting expenses
  • Attract high-intent candidates
  • Receive more applications from best-fit drivers

Efficient recruiters fill empty seats.

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