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How to Improve Driver Retention with Mentorship Systems



Think back to the first job you ever had. Picture yourself walking through the door on your very first day. You may have been excited, but you were almost certainly nervous. All of us are anxious when starting a new chapter in our lives or careers. Your drivers feel this anxiety and uncertainty when they’re starting with your company as well.

For drivers, working for a new company means a lot of change and a lot of unknowns. They often don’t know what to expect from dispatchers, customers, the shop, and their pay. They’re even more uncertain of what to expect from their managers and supervisors. Uncertainty is to be expected, but if it’s not properly addressed, it can lead to turnover. One of the best ways to address a driver’s uncertainty is with a mentorship system.

Convince New Drivers They Made The Right Choice

There are many questions running through a new driver’s mind. How will I be treated? Will I make enough money to pay the bills? Who do I go to if I have a problem with my paycheck? They may not ask these questions for fear of appearing ignorant or incompetent. However, the primary question every new driver is asking themselves is, “Did I make the right choice coming to this company?” Creating a mentorship system is a great way to answer their questions and demonstrate that you’re the right company for them.

When you create a formalized mentorship system at your company, you’re staying with your drivers from day one. They won’t get lost in the day-to-day grind. Their comments, questions, and concerns will be heard and understood. By pairing each new driver with a frontline leader who knows the ropes, they have a built-in support system. You’ll create a positive image of your company in their mind from day one. Thus, when they have gripes or frustrations later on (and they will), they’ll be more likely to stay. You’ve shown them that you have their best interests in mind.

Are Your Frontline Leaders Ready to Mentor?

It’s said that leaders aren’t born; they’re created. The same can be said of mentors. Just because someone has been successful at your company doesn’t mean they have the tools and skills at their disposal to be successful leaders or mentors. The positive spin to that is almost anyone can learn.

If you want to have a successful mentorship program, you must train your managers and supervisors in leadership skills focused on retention. Programs like our Leadership Development Course are designed specifically for frontline leaders in the transportation industry. They teach your managers and supervisors how to form better relationships with your drivers and thus improve retention. Your leaders will learn the soft skills necessary to mentor new drivers while giving continuous support to your veterans as well.

If you want to learn more about a low-cost subscription to our web-based Leadership Development Course, contact us today.

Stay With Your Drivers From Day One

Your relationship with your new drivers doesn’t start and end with orientation. You must continually prove to them that you’re the right choice for them. If you don’t, you could lose quality drivers. Stay with your drivers from day one by creating a mentorship system. Give them the support they need to succeed at your company. Best of all, with our Leadership Development Course, you can make sure your frontline leaders are ready to take on the role of driver mentor.

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