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How to Boost Driver Training Results with a Learning Management System



You should be spending less time and resources on driver training while getting better results. Many companies with a fleet of non-CDL drivers pour their blood, sweat, and tears into a homegrown driver training program. They get high accident numbers in return. Others have figured out the magic formal: use a learning management system.

The truth is, Learning Management Systems (LMS for short) are old-hat. They’ve been used in schools, hospitals, food service, and any other industry you can think of for more than a decade. To many companies with drivers, though, an LMS is a new concept.

This is ironic considering how much companies with vocational fleets could stand to gain from a learning management system.

An LMS is a delivery platform for your employee education and training content. It hosts your training courses, plays videos, and utilizes gamification like interactive quizzes and educational activities.

An LMS is a one-stop shop for:

  • Hosting online safety/defensive driving training
  • Creating your own driver training modules
  • Tracking your learners’ usage
  • Running/storing reports on training results

A program like The Fleet Safety Course includes access to your very own portal on a Learning Management System. This makes it easy to give your drivers access to high-quality training.

How Does an LMS Improve Your Driver Training Results?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, your driver training should take you less time and resources while getting you better results. In fact, if implemented correctly, a driver training program should more than pay for itself. A learning management system is the cornerstone of achieving these results.

A learning management system improves your results in three major ways:

  • It’s cheaper to implement online self-directed learning
  • You can organize your driver training results/reports in one place
  • You can better engage your drivers

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Save Money With a Learning Management System

Traditional training takes place in a classroom or in-person setting. It involves PowerPoint, a presenter, and gathering everyone together. This works well for complicated topics or learning hands-on skills, but it shouldn’t be what you rely on.

In-person training takes up a large amount of company resources. You need to:

  • Spend time coordinating schedules
  • Pay someone to present
  • Gather a decent chunk of your workforce in one place at one time

Don’t rely solely on in-person presenting for all of your driver education and training. You waste time, money, and resources doing so. Instead, lean on online self-directed training.

When you host training on an LMS, you spend less time coordinating and skip the logistical nightmare of getting your drivers together in one place.

Organize Driver Training Results/Reports

How do you keep track of which employees have gone through training? An excel spreadsheet? Having folks sign their name on a piece of paper when they come into the training room? There’s a much easier way.

A learning management system automatically tracks which of your drivers have completed the necessary training. In just a few clicks on your computer, you can:

  • See who has completed their training
  • See who is lagging behind on their training
  • Run automatic reports sent straight to your email
  • Communicate with employees who have no completed the necessary training

Hopefully, this goes without saying: this will save you a lot of time.

Engage Your Drivers

The point of training is to change behavior. You want your drivers to be defensive, safer, and prevent more accidents. How can you achieve this goal if your drivers are dozing off during an hour-long presentation?

Let’s face it: your drivers don’t want to sit through another PowerPoint on safety. And your managers and supervisors don’t want to get up there and talk for all that time either.

Sometimes in-person training is necessary, but when it’s not, your drivers will appreciate professionally-made driver training videos delivered over an LMS.

High production value will hold your drivers’ attention. Interactive games, quizzes, questions, and exercises will keep them engaged. And, they’ll appreciate the flexibility to take training from their own home.

This all results in better learning outcomes and fewer accidents and incidents for your company.

Achieve World-Class Results For Less

You can get started today on your world-class driver training program. With a learning management system, you will:

  • More effectively engage your drivers
  • Save time dealing with the logistics of in-person training
  • Achieve better training results

And to top it all off, you’ll save money in the process.

Investing in a learning management system can help you on your journey to zero accidents and incidents.


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