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Why You Should Provide Online Driver Training

You care about the safety of your employees. It’s why you host safety meetings, correct your employees’ unsafe behaviors, and read our blog posts. However, with the year coming to an end soon, it’s time to take a close look at your driver safety training program. Is it accomplishing everything it can? Does it make your life easier instead of more complicated?

If you want your safety training to be easy, cost-effective, and a time-saver, you need to take your training online.

Better Safety Results in Less Time

Do you make your safety training materials in-house? If you do, it’s probably because you want to save money. You create your own PowerPoint presentations, find YouTube videos, and prepare lectures on defensive driving in order to avoid the up-front costs of investing in off-the-shelf training. However, these home-brewed methods aren’t saving you as much as you think.

Conducting safety meetings using your own materials means:

  • You invest time in preparing for the meeting
  • You don’t have access to professional-quality training materials
  • It’s difficult to conduct safety training remotely
  • Your safety numbers may suffer

All this to say, you’re spending time, energy, and resources to get mixed results. On the other hand, when you invest in online defensive driving training, the hard work is taken care of for you. Better yet, quality programs like the non-cdl safety training courses The Fleet Safety Course pay for themselves and then some. The content is made by safety professionals and experts in adult learning, so you can trust that the product will reduce employee accidents and injuries.

More Than Defensive Driving Training

Defensive driving programs like The Fleet Safety Course reduce your accidents, injuries, and cost of loss. There’s even more to be gained with online training, though. Moving your defensive driving training to an online platform streamlines your training process, saving you time and money while giving you better results. It accomplishes this via a Learning Management System.

eBook Download: 8 Light Duty Training Courses You Can Use at Your Safety Meetings

What is a Learning Management System?

A learning management system (or LMS for short) is an online platform for hosting, deploying, and tracking your company’s training. They’re used everywhere from restaurants to transportation companies to schools. They can completely replace in-person training or just enhance it, offering a convenient place to store and keep track of training and education modules. Moving into 2021, they’re an essential part of employee training.

With an LMS, you can:

  • Organize company educational materials
  • Track employee progress and performance
  • Assign training across your entire company with a few clicks
  • Avoid the headache of scheduling in-person training

Defensive Driving Training Made Easy

Moving your defensive driving training online means less time editing PowerPoints and finding the perfect video on YouTube. Instead, you get professionally-made training courses designed to reduce your employees’ accidents and injuries. It’s all bundled-up and easy to access via a Learning Management System.

In 2021, will your safety training take up your time and energy while producing mixed-results? Or will your safety training be cost-effective and streamlined while preventing accidents and injuries?

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