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6 Resources To Follow to Better Yourself as a Driver Recruiter

Keeping pace with the ever-changing landscape of recruiting can be a daunting task for any transportation specialist. As new technology emerges and drivers become more savvy to traditional methods of recruitment, recruiters must stay ahead of the curve when it comes to a strategy.

Outside of your peers though, who should you turn to for trusted resources and information? The answer to look towards is online publications like podcasts, videos and blogs.

And when we say blogs, we don't mean the "online diaries where people keep a running account of the events in their personal lives." We mean, reliable written content.

"Blogs, along with ebooks, podcasts and videos are regarded as credible references for researching, planning and comparing niche topics and ideas with other publishers, organizations and individuals seeking continuous development."

With that said, here are six of our favorite resources that can help you become a better driver recruiter.

1. Randall-Reilly Blog

If you're a reader of our blog, you've most likely seen a few references to Randall-Reilly. Randall-Reilly is a group that services strategic data, media, and marketing services for its clients.

What makes RR's blog unique is that they are catered toward the transportation industry and use strong digital marketing methodologies in their solutions for driver recruiting. If you're a recruiter that's heavily into new and innovative ways to attract drivers, this blog is for you.

Hand-picked articles:

2. Recruit & Retain: Trucking Edition Podcast 

One of our favorite new podcasts by Chad Hendrix, Recruit & Retain: Trucking Edition features guest interviews with some of the top industry insiders covering a range of topics from improving your driver referral system, to how AI can improve driver recruiting strategy. 

Hand-picked episodes:

3. Freight Waves Online Publication 

According to its website, FreightWaves is "the leading go-to source for information about the freight markets." 

Their articles have been "cited in publications as original material, including the largest news sites in the world: Bloomberg, Washington Post, WSJ, Reuters, NY Times, CNBC, TechCrunch, Wired, Forbes, and Fortune."

It's no doubt that Freight Waves is a heavyweight in the trucking industry, but what really separates them is their continued advance in how they deliver top-of-the-line content. 

They produce podcasts, audio-articles, live streams and even have done pop-up studios at trade events. 

Hand-picked content:

4. The Rear View Mirror Online Publication 

Our friends from the north, Kim Richardson Transportation Specialists have a fantastic news outlet, The Rear View Mirror, that features guest contributors ranging in skillsets from communication, risk management, 

Hand-picked articles:

5. Smart Trucker Blog 

There's in term in marketing called "voice of the customer" that applies messaging from your current or prospective customers to your marketing materials in order to attract and promote your services. 

The Smart Trucker blog could be labeled as the "voice of the driver" resource that helps deliver an authentic peek at professional driver culture. The site is run by Dave and Catherine, who both have experience in trucking as a company driver, owner operator, independent operator, and a successful small fleet owner and dispatcher. 

Hand-picked articles:

6. AvatarFleet Blog

We just couldn't resist. AvatarFleet's Transportation blog provides not only driver recruiting articles, ebooks and videos, but also some of the top driver training, compliance and retention news as well. 

The blog offers a modern approach to the driver recruiting process, with contributing authors like AvatarFleet president Scott Rea, who cut his teeth in the driver recruiting world as a driver marketer that made the recruiter’s phones ring 800 times a month.  

Hand-picked articles:

Bonus Tip:

Rather than jumping from site to site on a daily basis, consider using a tool like Feedly to get a "morning news" style digest.

This tool provides a way for you to save all of the blog publishers you're interested in and conglomerate them into one platform, making it easier and quicker to consume your carefully catered content.

Happy reading friends!

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