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AvatarFleet provides personalized driver recruiting, compliance and training software and services for transportation companies.

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The System that Puts YOU
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You at the Center of Everything

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Solutions to Help Truly Solve
Your Driver Problem

AvatarFleet brings all of your systems into one with our personalized software and services.



Driver-centric ATS to help manage candidates, digitalize new hire paperwork and run recruiting campaigns.



DOT compliance software to help automate, build and manage driver qualification, personnel, drug & alcohol and incident records.



Driver training learning management system to help you run digital safety campaigns and track driver progress

Connect All of Your Systems

Integrate your jobs boards, background screening platform, social media accounts and more.


Why Use A-Suite?

There are dozens of systems for transportation...So why choose ours?

Top Tier Customer Service

US-based client service that responds to support requests within 36 minutes on average and resolves open tickets in ~1.7 days.

Built For Transportation

Can't spell DOT? No worries. Our system is built for the transportation industry.

Everything in Once Place

You'll never have to live in 5 systems anymore - manage all your operational data in once place.

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