Hate Empty Trucks. Love Safe Drivers.

Our mission is to keep your trucks full and on the road with professional safe drivers.
Our innovative products and services give you the necessary tools to Recruit, Hire, Train and Retain safe drivers.

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You're Best in Class

You don’t take shortcuts.  You don’t cheat. You don’t break the law. You value safety and understand the benefit of doing things right.  You actually appreciate your drivers!  You know that safety begins and ends with driver behaviors.  You appreciate CSA and leverage your low scores to recruit better drivers and win more business.  We’re impressed.

But there’s a problem. You have empty trucks and you hate empty trucks. There never seems to be enough quality drivers out there and they often quit.  Even so, you don’t settle for just any numbskull who walks in your door.  As much as it kills you to turn down loads, you recognize the devastating cost of hiring just one bad driver.

Recruit & Hire Drivers


Applicant Tracking System to reduce time to hire and Structured Interviews to hire the right drivers.

Hire Drivers Faster

Driver Recruiting

Customized services to increase your driver count: branding, advertising and outsourced recruiting services.

Recruit More Drivers

Driver & Truck Compliance


Auditing Services

Third party Driver Qualification file auditing and coaching to improve your internal processes.

Audit My Files


Compliance Management System to store all your Driver Qualification and Truck & Trailer maintenance files and calendar upcoming expirations.

Organize My Files

DQ File Management

Outsource the management of your Driver Qualification files to us.

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Professional Driver Training

The A-Fleet: Professional Safe Driver Course™

Behaviorally-based edu-train-ment for all drivers – driver training that doesn’t suck!

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Driver Retention

Retention Workshops

Discover how to retain qualified drivers with customized interactive workshops that inspires your people to take ownership of driver retention. We’ll help you prioritizes low effort, high return activities for your company’s retention game plan.

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