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Easily Monitor Drivers with the AvatarFleet/SambaSafety Integration


Accessing motor vehicle reports can be expensive and time-consuming. Worse yet, if you fail to keep up to date with them, defense attorneys will sniff that out looking for an easy win in court.

These problems will all go away for A-Suite Recruit and Comply users.

AvatarFleet is proud to announce that we are integrating with SambaSafety, the premier provider of MVRs.

What Will This Integration Do?

Our latest A-Suite integration will provide you with two huge bonuses:

  1. Easy access to MVRs
  2. Driver monitoring

Let’s dive into how these features will save you time, money, and headaches in the recruiting/compliance side of your business.

Easy Access to MVRs

As noted above, SambaSafety is the premier provider for MVRs. They’ve been the industry leader in pulling MVRs for 20 years, and they deliver more than 60 million MVRs annually.

SambaSafety MVRs are:

  • Easy to read and user friendly
  • Pulled instantly and at competitive rates
  • Securely integrated with each state’s DMV

Now, as an A-Suite subscriber, you have access to SambaSafety’s impressive services. 

>> Not a subscriber of A-Suite? Schedule a Demo of Comply today!

Driver Monitoring

Perhaps most importantly, A-Suite subscribers have access to SambaSafety’s powerful Driver Monitoring system.

You pull a driver’s MVR at least once a year. The problem is, a lot can change during that time. Your drivers may have accidents or violations that you don’t know about. This is a huge liability to you.

Driver Monitoring solves this problem.

With Driver Monitoring in A-Suite, you can get real-time updates on your drivers’ MVRs. You’ll be notified and automatically receive an MVR when there’s a change.

Not only that, but this feature is highly customizable. You can easily:

  • Select custom groups of drivers to monitor
  • Enable or disable driver monitoring for specific groups or individuals
  • Decide who gets notified and receives the new MVR

This process will have you sleeping soundly at night knowing you’re 100% up to date on MVRs.

Want to Learn More?

Whether you’re a current subscriber or not, it can’t hurt to learn more. Check out the podcast episode we did with SambaSafety’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Then, book an A-Suite demo with us here so you can fill your empty seats and pass every audit.


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