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Recruiting Drivers on Social Media with Jeremiah Guappone

The most recent episode of our podcast “Solving the Driver Problem” features Jeremiah Guappone, a marketing technology guru who has been instrumental in developing our A-Suite Ad product. Guappone and his company Data Genomix built a system with us to make hyper-targeting advertising easy for trucking companies to master the art and science of Facebook Advertising. Checkout the conversation he and Scott had to learn more about how Facebook advertising can revolutionize your driver recruiting.


Social Media Advertising as an Alternative to Job Boards

“We’re not talking about posting a job on a job board. We’re talking about placing a hyper-targeted ad directly in the newsfeed of our desired driver.”

As Guappone points out, with traditional job advertising, you post on a job board to the masses. For a monthly fee or real time auction where you pay per click, you attract dozens, if not hundreds, of unqualified people follow the link to your website. You’ve done it this way because it was your only option. Not anymore.

The Passive Candidate

Trucking companies of every size and mode can now hyper-target their ideal driver through Facebook advertising. Their secret sauce allows you to plop an ad right in front of a qualified professional driver’s Facebook or Instagram feed. This is a passive candidate. The passive candidate already has a job. This passive candidate is killing time on Facebook when he sees your ad. The 10 second video catches his attention and he clicks on it. He wasn’t looking for a job but he saw how good it looks at your company and thought, “I’ll submit my name to learn more, I’d be a fool not to.” This is NOT a job hopper. This is a quality driver who is not desperate for work - you’re a better fit than what he has today. You’re the company he wants to retire from. 

When you don’t spend money or time on the wrong people, your cost per hire goes down as does your lead to hire ratio. State of the art advertising methodology isn’t just for the big dogs anymore.

Your Next Driver of the Year is on Facebook. Are You?

“Facebook is more than where the kids are talking to each other these days. The largest growing population of Facebook users is baby boomers, and over 70% of the American adult population is on Facebook.”

A-Suite Ad integrates with Facebook because it’s the world’s largest social media platform. More importatnly, it’s where your drivers are hanging out. It’s time you took advantage of this advertising avenue at your fingertips. If you’re tired of wasting time with unqualified leads and watching your cost per hire go through the roof, try something different. There’s a better way to recruit and this technology is now accessible to every sized organization. 


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