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Why Your Downloadable PDF Application Isn't Cutting It


We hope you don’t take offense to the article title. We aren’t here to rag on you. In fact, just the opposite, we’d like to congratulate you on a solid start. Getting your online application up and running means you’re ahead of some of the competition. Of course, there’s still more to be done. If you invest in a driver-centric Applicant Tracking System (ATS)  like A-Suite, you will turn more site visitors into legitimate candidates. An ATS can propel you from a middle of the pack company to what is now the industry standard in driver recruiting.

What Your Homegrown Application Lacks

If your application is online, you’re a step above the paper-based holdouts who are in Internet denial. Online applications are important because any decent candidate will want to fill it out online. However, these applications fail to address the fact that 90% of candidates prefer to fill out an application on their mobile device. Additionally, homegrown applications are not always user-friendly. Without a driver-centric ATS, you’re missing out on quality leads who will ignore your clunky application and go with a company who has a streamlined process. 

What You Get With an ATS 

A driver-centric ATS can take your application process to the next level. You’ll find more quality leads in less time. An ATS accomplishes this in four ways:

  • Quicker response from recruiters
    An ATS like A-Suite starts by collecting basic contact information to make it easier for a driver to express interest and allow your recruiter start working the lead quicker. Keep the first interaction to name, phone number and email - make it low risk. Drivers want to talk with you before they fill out a DOT application, and an ATS makes it easier for them to do so.
  • Don't lose data
    Log ins allow the driver to start and stop the application as their schedule permits without losing previously entered data. It also provides one login where they can complete and view all of your new hire/contractor paperwork. This feature is powerful because drivers frequently fill-out applications while waiting for customers or at rest-stops. If they are interrupted, they don’t want to start from scratch.
  • Compliant application the first time
    Instant feedback and calculators to make sure 10 years of work history, three years of address history, date of birth and other requirements meet DOT standards. And if anything changes, you can easily update any information in real-time.

Reach Higher Standards With an ATS

Your online application is one notch above the companies that make folks come in to fill out an application, but are you content with that? Dealing with America’s driver problem means that most companies can’t afford to pass-up on more high-quality leads in less time. If that’s true for your company as well, consider scheduling your free A-Suite demo today. 

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