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Truck Driver Recruiting and Applicant Tracking Software

You're losing drivers to the competition with paper applications and downloadable PDFs. Make it fast and easy to apply with AvatarFleet's applicant tracking system.

A-Suite Recruit

Driver Recruiting Software Made Easy with A-Suite's Driver-Centric Applicant Tracking System

Recruit in your sleep with AvatarFleet's driver-centric applicant tracking system.



Candidate Landing Page Mobile-Friendly Application Page
Post To Jobs Boards with One Click One-Click Jobs Boards Posting
Control-Your-Pipeline Lead Prioritization
Communicate-with-Drivers SMS/Email Marketing Inbox
Customize Your Hiring Workflow Custom Hiring Workflows
Digitize-Your-Paperwork Electronic DQ Files
Manage-and-Recruit-Drivers Advanced Reporting
Candidate Landing Page

Mobile-Friendly Application Page

  • The Candidate Landing Page is a branded company page that houses all your job openings AND makes it easy for a driver to apply on their phone
  • Collect all the information you need to make a hiring decision, like years of CDL experience, endorsements, route preference and more
  • The driver INSTANTLY gets notified to continue filling out the remaining steps of your hiring workflow
Post To Jobs Boards with One Click

One-Click Jobs Boards Posting

  • Post your jobs on over 25 integrated sources on one screen
  • All information submitted by the lead from one of those sources will populate in A-Suite on the spot

Lead Prioritization

  • Know exactly where each candidate is along the hiring process with a birds-eye view on a single screen
  • Keep your records up to date with notes, calls and interactions on a candidates profile
  • Use Tags and Statuses to keep your best candidates in front of you

SMS/Email Marketing Inbox

  • Manage all of your communication through your A-Suite account
  • Send templated texts/emails from the system to candidates
  • Receive images via text/email (such as CDL) and upload directly to your drivers' account
Customize Your Workflow

Custom Hiring Workflows

  • Customize each step of the recruiting process with pre-built tasks, email templates and requests
  • Save 10+ hours a week that most trucking companies spend setting up manual processes; move applicants through your workflow in real-time

Electronic DQ Files

  • Ensure your driver qualification file is complete - securely send and sign DOT compliance forms, background checks, employment verifications, and any other onboarding paperwork that used to be paper
  • File management made easy - save 2+ hours during orientation you had previously been using to have drivers sign paperwork

Advanced Reporting

  • Measure your best advertising sources with the Cost-Per-Lead and Cost-Per-Hire report
  • See how many leads it takes to get to a hire with recruiting funnel reports

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to recruit truck drivers?

There’s never going to be a silver bullet. The driver shortage is a national phenomenon, affecting virtually every company in the transportation industry.

Be prepared. The more you know about the trucking industry, your company, the routes and the customers, the more credible you seem. It’s why many companies have former drivers involved in the recruiting and hiring process.

Have a plan. If you’re hiring drivers all day, no doubt you have a candidate funnel. But when’s the last time you took a critical look at it? Where are the bottlenecks? If you can eliminate or reduce the bottlenecks, you’ll increase your conversion rates and have more candidates turn into drivers for your company.

Ask good questions. You can make sure your candidates are good fits for their job by discovering their pain points. What keeps your candidates up at night? What do they value? You have to probe to get to the core of what your candidates look for in a job.

Is it hard to hire truck drivers?

The reality is hiring CDL drivers for truck driving jobs can require a long, hard and sustained effort to consistently bring in the professional drivers you desperately need. The good news is that there is opportunity to beat your competition in the current war for driver talent.

By creating a recruiting plan, crafting a unique recruiting message, and having a more efficient and easy application process than your competition, you can gain a competitive advantage.

What is truck driver recruitment software used for?

Truck driver recruitment software (sometimes called a driver applicant tracking system), helps transportation companies hire more drivers more efficiently. In our case, A-Suite can help you hire 20% more drivers in 50% of the time.

Driver recruitment software includes an applicant tracking system to manage and track candidates, templates to text/email candidates, customizable workflows to move candidates through the hiring process, tracking to understand where quality candidates are coming from, and digitized paperwork to simplify the onboarding process.

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