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Why Digital DQ Files Are Better Than Paper


If you’re not tech savvy, the transition from paper driver qualification files to electronic storage can feel like a giant leap to make. There’s comfort in being able to touch a piece of paper. Many people fear that they’ll lose files because they lost something digital in the past. Those were the old days. Technology and backups have advanced so much that it’s officially more risky to stay on paper than to go 100% digital. 

At AvatarFleet, we’re committed to helping you feel confident and comfortable throughout the transition process, so we’ve created a brief summary to show why it’s riskier to stay on paper.

Five Reasons You Should Use Digital DQ Files

These five features of compliance tracking software, like A-Suite, make it safe, easy, and cost-effective to take your driver qualification files online.

Automatic Backups

In a paper DQ file, you are exposed to the risk of natural disasters like fires and floods. With compliance tracking software, your digital documents live in a web-service cloud.

Cloud storage means that your data and files are stored in a server that you can access anywhere with an internet connection. 

A-Suite’s cloud performs automatic backups and has a robust data security plan with physical servers in multiple cities across the country. If something were to happen to the physical server your data lives on, A-Suite automatically moves the data to another server in the cloud. With this redundancy, you can cross floods, fires and storms off the potential risk list. 


DQ files contain a lot of sensitive information. That’s why it’s important to keep them secure. Passwords and permissions are required to view everything in A-Suite. You can rest assured knowing that the only eyes viewing sensitive information are the ones you have authorized. No one can sneak into the file cabinet with the spare key you have taped to your drawer. More likely, someone in your office can’t accidentally leave a document with a social security number out in the open or forget to put back an MVR into the folder.

File Ownership

There is a misconception that once you go digital, the ownership of the materials is transferred. This’s not true! Your documents and files are still yours and you have access to them at any time. Should you ever need a mass export, AvatarFleet can supply that to you in a secure manner in one of two ways:

  • a .zip file that contains one folder per employee with all of their records and attachments
  • a secure programming file (called JavaScript Object Notation - or JSON for short) that can be accessed by a member of your technical team 

To gain access to these files, all you have to do is ask! With a 48-hour turnaround time, you can be confident that your files, in their entirety, are always available.


With paper files, you must physically be able to access the folder that contains the documents you need to view. Electronic storage gives you access to your files from anywhere in the world. Because A-Suite is a website, you can retrieve your files using your unique login credentials anywhere you have internet access. During the stay-at-home order from COVID-19, this proved invaluable for our clients. It’s just as valuable if you need to access a record while you’re at your kid’s karate class. 

Proactive Reporting

A-Suite alerts you, your driver, and your team when something is going to expire. The system thinks ahead for you, so you don’t have to request an excel sheet or pull a report. Sit back and relax because A-Suite will make sure you’re compliant. Ditch the paper, spreadsheets, post it notes, faxes, staples and folders and come join the 21st century!

Digital DQ Files Made Easy

AvatarFleet provides services to help you transition from paper to A-Suite by scanning, uploading and auditing your Driver Qualification files. The goal is to make this transition painless, give you confidence you’ll always have your records, and prevent you from going on another document scavenger hunt again!

DQ File Items Checklist

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