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50,000 Motor Carriers Get CSA Warnings...And Counting

Motor Carriers Get CSA Warnings…And Counting

When we wrote our White Paper, "CSA 2010: Pain and Suffering", in Summer, 2010, little did we know how predictive it would be.

In a letter yesterday responding to a criticism from Wells Fargo, Anne Ferro, FMCSA Administrator, says over 50,000 motor carriers have received CSA warning letters for potential safety performance issues.  Apparently, somebody's taking notice because the CSA website has had 27 million hits in the past year.

The point is that CSA might be modified to some degree in the future, as was done this week, but trust me on this one; it's not going to go away. Lots of carriers have taken steps to protect themselves but too many still have their heads buried in the sand. Too many aren't doing enough to make their safety programs stronger and to get the word out to their drivers.

What else can be said to keep carriers out of trouble, I don't know. We made the point loud and clear that anyone with any sense needs to "avoid the hit list." But I will repeat what we said in that paper:

Any carrier or driver who chooses to ignore CSA 2010 (now just plain CSA) does so at their extreme peril. Some will remain ignorant and pay the price. Others will do the minimum to meet the requirements. The intelligent organization will see this is an opportunity to improve its operational excellence and to create competitive advantage.

Amen to that!
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Mark G. Gardner
Chief Executive Officer
Avatar Management Services, Inc
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