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Earn NATMI Certification Renewal Points for Training We Offer


Earn points towards NATMI certification renewal with AvatarFleet’s professional safe driving training programs.

NATMI certification is a valuable tool to help you reduce accidents, injuries, and cost of loss. Now, it’s even easier to reach certification with the help of AvatarFleet’s training programs.

We offer many programs and webinars that earn you points towards NATMI certification renewal. 

The Fleet Safety Course

The Fleet Safety Course is an online defensive driving program made specifically for non-CDL light-duty/medium-duty vehicles.

The Fleet Safety Course educates drivers on:

  • LLLC Defensive Driving
  • Intersection Safety
  • Following Distance
  • Changing Lanes, Merging, Passing
  • Avoiding personal injury and illness on the job
  • And much more

As an added bonus, you can receive one point towards your NATMI certification renewal for completing this online self-directed training.

If you’re interested in implementing The Fleet Safety Course at your company, contact us here.

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A-Fleet Driver Training Program

The A-Fleet Driver Training Program is an online defensive driving program made specifically for truck drivers.

The A-Fleet is beneficial for newbies and veterans alike. It educates drivers on important topics such as:

  • Large vehicle dynamics
  • Safe turns in a tractor-trailer
  • Load securement
  • Adverse Weather
  • Compliance

You can receive 1.5 points towards NATMI certification renewal for taking The A-Fleet. If you’d like to implement it at your company, check out our self-guided demos.

LLLC Driver/Instructor Certification

LLLC Driver and Instructor Certification is the world’s most modern and advanced certification program available.

With a combination of self-directed training, an in-person workshop, and behind-the-wheel instruction, LLLC Certification is an extremely effective way to train both drivers and instructors.

Not to mention, the process will grant you 3 points towards NATMI certification renewal.

To learn more about LLLC, contact us here.

Leadership Development For Transportation Professionals

AvatarFleet offers a course created specifically for frontline managers/supervisors in the transportation industry.

The Leadership Development Course is an online self-directed program that teaches transportation leaders:

  • Retention skills
  • Safety leadership skills
  • Effective communication techniques
  • Vital management and leadership strategies
  • A much, much more

Earn 3 points or more towards your NATMI certification renewal by taking The Leadership Development Course.

To learn more, contact us here.

Self-Directed Webinars

We offer three online, self-directed webinars that count towards NATMI certification renewal.

Preventing a Nuclear Verdict helps you stay off the deposit chair and keep your drivers in compliance.

Introduction to Safety Leadership explains the important role frontline managers play in reducing accidents and injuries.

Driver Retention Re-Invention educates managers and fleet owners on how to keep the good drivers they already have. Improved retention will make you a more efficient, cost-effective operation with reduced accidents.

You can earn a quarter of a point towards NATMI certification renewal by taking any of these.

Earn NATMI Certification Renewal Points And Better Yourself in The Process

Our programs and webinars are professionally produced, cost-effective, and have helped countless companies reduce their accidents, injuries, and cost of loss.

You could be one of those companies.

Not only that, but by participating in our training, you can take advantage of the NATMI recertification points that come with it. These all work together to help you become the most effective transportation company or transportation professional possible.

You don’t have to accept high accident numbers and the soaring cost of loss. You can take control of your operation with AvatarFleet’s training and NATMI certification.



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