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Introducing AvatarFleet's New Candidate Landing Page

You want the best drivers lining up to work for you. And, you want to spend less time sorting through leads so you can build your fleet of all-stars.

That’s why we’re launching the new and improved Candidate Landing Page.

The Candidate Landing Page is a custom-branded, mobile-first application page. It populates your current openings and showcases your company culture to potential drivers.

Its sole purpose is to help you attract more candidates and make hiring decisions faster.

The best part? This update comes FREE with all A-Suite Recruit subscriptions.

Let’s jump into the specifics.

Why Should You Be Excited?

AvatarFleet follows a simple philosophy: If a candidate can consume ALL the information they need to make a decision quicker, you'll get more applicants. The more applicants you have, the more selective you can be with your hiring decisions.

The Candidate Landing Page makes it so you don't need an expensive web designer or savvy marketer. You can make your application page look appealing, answer all of the questions a candidate has about your company or the position, and make it easy for drivers to apply.

Now let's talk about the alternative.

Go to your competition’s website and click the "apply" button on their site.

What’s the first thing you see?

Most likely, it’s not anything about why you would want to work there or even what positions are open. Instead, the first thing you’ll see is a laundry list of qualifications (in text format which nobody will read) or a link to login.

How well are those pages selling the job?

This is not a good way to attract candidates to apply, and definitely not the way to tell your company story.

When a driver comes to your site, they should immediately feel warm and fuzzy and that they would be an absolute fool not to drive for you.

Need help with your driver marketing? AvatarFleet's driver marketing agency will help you find your purple cow and help manage your campaigns, you so all you have to do is recruit.

Think about your application page as a first date with a driver. Your goal shouldn't be to get every piece of information on the driver so you can build a file.

Would you ask someone on a first date for their social security number, their home address, their work schedule and what time they go to bed every night?

You might as well get down on one knee and ask them to marry you at that point!

When you do that, you're trying to make the process of getting a driver applicant work for you as the recruiter. It should be the other way around. The process should work for the driver.

Your goal with your application page should be to sell the job and collect just enough information to understand if the driver meets your minimum requirements.

With the new Candidate Landing Page you candidates will be able to:

  • See what makes you unique compared to other carriers (your Purple Cow)
  • Filter open positions based on the type of work they’re looking for
  • Fill out a form that is UNIQUE to the position they’re applying for (and doesn't ask invasive questions up front - that's taken care of later)

What Is The Candidate Landing Page?

We’ll tackle this question from two perspectives: the candidate’s perspective and your perspective.

The Candidate’s Perspective

To drivers, the Candidate Landing Page is a sleek, straightforward, and simple application. It introduces who you are, the work you have to offer, and how they can apply.

Once the driver finds a position he or she is interested in, they will fill out an application unique to that position. Thus, they will not have to answer frustrating questions that have nothing to do with what they’re applying for.

The questions are short-form, easily-accessible from any device, and quickly move the candidate onto the next step. Any information the driver enters into another site (i.e. Indeed) will pre-populate and take them to the corresponding position description. This means that your candidates will only see information relevant to the location and job they are applying to so they don’t get lost.

The Candidate Landing Page makes it seamless (and painless) for drivers to apply to you.

Your Perspective

To you, the new Candidate Landing Page is a tool that allows you to attract more drivers and make hiring decisions faster. Here’s how:

  • Engaging Content & Customization: Show off your company culture and benefits to attract top talent. You’ll provide a targeted, relevant experience while making it easy to digest a job description.
  • Easy Application Process: Ask for contact information and the few qualification questions important to you (we recommend three to five).
  • Lead Qualification: The qualification questions become fields you can sort and filter on in your Candidates Browser so you prioritize your day with the top candidates and work your way down.
  • Analytics and Tracking: Source tracking will show you what sources are working and where you should spend your time and money for future quality candidates.
  • Mobile-First: The page is designed to be easy to navigate on a phone or any mobile device, regardless of their tech savviness.

The candidate landing page goes hand-in-hand with our new browser screen. The browse screen is a quick and easy way to sort candidates by name, application date, position, license type, your qualification questions and anything else important to you.

For example, our client ATCO Hauling needs candidates with Hazmat and Tanker endorsements for their Hazmat/Tanker position opening. They want to quickly identify which candidates are worth pursuing and which ones to pass on with the click of a button.

Since they've set up A-Suite's Qual Questions for this position, they're able to create a Saved View by the Hazmat/Tanker position opening and drill into the whether or not a Candidate has answered that question favorably or not. That takes their time to respond to quality candidates down to minutes, not hours.

How Can You Start Using The Candidate Landing Page?

For current customers, contact your Client Success manager. Their steps to getting your page live will be:

  1. Configuring your qualification questions that your recruiting team cares about for each position you're actively hiring for (and we'll show you the steps on how to do it yourself so you can update positions you aren't hiring for immediately)
  2. Assisting you with setting up or updating your Saved Views to ensure you're seeing the most applicable information for your candidate (so you can recruit faster and smarter)
  3. Assisting with the customization of your Candidate Landing Page with the right branding, copy and creative so you appeal to the best-fit drivers

For new customers, your Onboarding Specialist can get everything up and running to your liking right when we launch your site.

Either way, we do all the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is tell us what you need. Then, you’re on your way to creating a line of drivers waiting to drive for you.

Need some additional help? Our driver marketing team will do ALL the work for you with our Express Candidate Landing Page setup option for a small investment of only $299.

We're excited to add the Candidate Landing Page as our newest feature to the A-Suite Recruit platform.

With it, you’ll be one step closer to filling your empty seats, passing every audit and bringing 'em home safely!

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