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Why Downloading PDFs Is No Good


PDF document with an errorLast year, 90 percent of CDL holders applied for a job using a mobile device. The future is here! Unfortunately, this means that these applicants are hitting a roadblock when they encounter a job post that requires them to download and submit a PDF.

The good news is that there is an alternative. Implementing a mobile-friendly DOT application can help you reach those drivers. Doing so will prevent you from turning your back on 90% of your potential candidates. That’s why an Applicant Tracking System like A-Suite is the way to go.

You’re Missing Out on Quality Leads - You Just Don’t Know It

When you implement an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), your applications and forms are put online. This allows your candidates easy access from desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. If you require your applicants to download and send in a PDF - or worse, you require them to come in and fill out an application - you’re not hiring the best of the best. The best drivers aren’t coming into your office to fill out an application during the hours of 9 to 5. They’re driving! If they’re on the road, they don’t have the ability to download and print a PDF - they’re on the road busy making your competition money! When you force your applicants to download a PDF, quality drivers overlook you for someone with a better candidate experience. Instead, you’re left only with candidates who can’t get work anywhere else.

Three Ways an ATS Can Be a Game-Changer

An ATS allows you to expand your hiring pool, but that’s only the beginning. Here are three more reasons that Applicant Tracking Systems like A-Suite are the gifts that keep on giving.

  1. Accurately Track Work and Address History
    Without an ATS, applicants are often forced to print out a previous employer form, fill it out, and scan it to their employer. The process gets further muddied if there’s a mistake on the form. An ATS allows you as a recruiter to verify and adjust entered information in the application. This saves your recruiters a lot of time that can be spent recruiting more drivers.

  2. Faster Responses to Candidates
    The longer you wait to respond to applications, the greater chance that your candidates have taken a job elsewhere. ATS’s make texting the primary mode of communication, which accomplishes two things. You reach your candidates much more quickly than via email or a phone call, and you communicate with them on their terms. More and more drivers prefer texting over other means of communication. With an ATS, you streamline this first touch and get them behind the wheel for you sooner.

  3. Utilize a Landing Page
    Effective landing pages create more leads by convincing an unknown person to enter your recruiting funnel. You’ll onboard more drivers without increasing your recruiting budget. You will also take advantage of magical tracking links to know exactly where leads come from so you no longer have to ask a candidate “how did you hear about us?”

An ATS is not just a “Nice to Have”

Can you afford to pass up on shorter application times, faster responses to candidates, and ideal leads? The rest of the industry cannot. That’s why an ATS is no longer a “nice to have.” If you need to recruit professional drivers, they are a necessity to stay in business.

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