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Product Updates January 25th, 2018

Product Updates January 25th 2018-1


Applicant Data Entry Validation

Since we Love Safe Drivers, we constantly work on making it easier for them to apply. And since 90% of ApplicantCare applicants apply on a mobile device, we focus our energy to make it simpler to apply on small screens. We improved the formatting and letting applicants know right away when we need more information. A few examples include:

  • Phone numbers, dates and social security numbers will show formatting with dashes, parentheses, and slashes
  • Expiration dates entered in the past will be highlighted in red with a note to put in the future


Company Validation Requirements

Company requirements must be met for work/address history


Phone Numbers, dates and social security number stylingPhone numbers, dates and social security numbers now display with dashes, parenthesis and slashes



New Audit Report

Create and save reports for our DQF Managed Services or your internal audit team. This gives you a summary of Audit statuses and notes that you can filter on during your desired date range.


New audit report availibilty

New audit report availability


Multiple Date Fields on Compliance Items

You can now have multiple datepickers on a specific compliance items. This is specifically useful for compliance items with multiple stages such as Random Drug and Alcohol pools.  


Multiple data fieldsMultiple data fields on compliance items are now available


Next week, you will be able to create a report for statuses such as: Date selected, date notified, date completed, date submitted and any other category you would like to keep your team organized.




ApplicantCare and ComplianceCare data backup process has been significantly upgraded. This includes an increased frequency and additional contingency plans in the event of multiple server and backup failures.



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