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LJ Rogers Increases Hires 112% With AvatarFleet's Driver Marketing Agency

Challenge Faced

LJ Rogers was grappling with inefficient spending on job sourcing with minimal return on investment, specifically from Tenstreet's Job Store. Their recruitment efforts were hampered by outdated and ineffective advertising, requiring their team to handle every aspect of the hiring process, from ad creation to communication with advertisers. This exhaustive approach led to a stale and unproductive recruitment strategy, leaving their trucks empty and their seats unfilled. They were flooded with leads, but none of them were qualified.

The Turning Point

The realization that change was imperative came when LJ Rogers faced the tangible consequences of their stagnant recruitment efforts: empty trucks and a desperate need for new strategies to fill their seats. Willing to break away from the monotonous recruitment cycle, LJ Rogers sought a fresh approach to rejuvenate their driver recruitment process.

Solutions and Strategy

AvatarFleet stepped in with a comprehensive strategy tailored to LJ Rogers' needs, focusing on optimizing their advertising efforts without additional spending. By evaluating LJ Rogers' use of advertising sources, AvatarFleet identified areas for improvement in cost efficiency and lead quality. They revamped the creative library to better tell LJ Rogers' story, making their ads more appealing and relevant to potential hires. Taking charge of advertiser communication, AvatarFleet streamlined the process, reducing the burden on LJ Rogers' recruiting team. Furthermore, they utilized call recording to compile frequently asked questions by drivers, updating the landing page with these insights to better address candidates' concerns and interests.

Outstanding Results

LJ Rogers Results

The implementation of AvatarFleet's strategies brought about significant and immediate improvements for LJ Rogers:

  • Doubling of Hire Rates: LJ Rogers experienced a substantial increase in their hiring rate, effectively doubling the number of new drivers.
  • Reduced Recruiting Spend: Overall recruiting expenses were cut by 20%, demonstrating more efficient use of resources.
  • Decreased Cost per Hire: The average cost per hire saw a dramatic reduction from $1,820 to $847, highlighting the cost-effectiveness of AvatarFleet's solutions.

LJ Rogers continues to benefit from a focused recruitment strategy that prioritizes quality hires, with AvatarFleet managing the complexities of advertising, creative content, and analytics. This success story underscores the value of adapting to innovative recruitment solutions and the importance of choosing the right partner to overhaul and enhance driver recruitment efforts.

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