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Product Updates December 14th 2017

Product Updates4.jpg

We're proud to announce a handful of software updates as we close out 2017. Highlighting the release are the following updates:

  • New features to reporting, including Pivot Tables and Tabular Tables 
  • Smarter data transfer from ApplicantCare to ComplianceCare
  • Edit Template/System emails highlight the latest product release

New Reporting Functionality!

A new reporting suite has been added to ApplicantCare - the Advanced Pivot Table and Advanced Tabular Table reports. Both options can be selected under the Reports navigation tab on the main menu.

New Reporting Functions

The Advanced Pivot Table creates summary reports by various fields with sums, counts, and average functions.

Pivot Table Report View

The Advanced Tabular Report creates tabular (Excel like) reports by choosing columns, ordering data fields, and applying filters.

Tubular Report View

Both reports can export to Excel and / or save custom views for future use.

Data Transfer from ApplicantCare to ComplianceCare

There is a new window after hitting the hire button for the field managers to populate know fields - it will not require employee ID at this time since that field may not be known at the time of hire. This will reduce duplicate entry for payroll.

ApplicantCare to CompliantCare Data Transfer

This also includes a second window to send over files that were manually uploaded by the applicant or manager during the hiring process to ComplianceCare.

The manager tags the record type from a drop down and has the ability to set an expiration date.

Expiration Date Field Option

Edit Template/System Emails

Under the System tab, Admins will have the ability to create/edit/delete Template and System Emails. System emails are sent automatically by ApplicantCare from events triggered during the hiring process. Template emails are sent by the Admin/User in ApplicantCare.

Edit Template/System Emails

Additionally, we’ve created a variable system to allow you add only variables instead of typing out each name:

Variable Systems

For those clients still on ApplicantCare 1.0 (the blue screen), we’ll be contacting you in the next month to schedule your upgrade. Stay tuned!

For more detailed information and how to videos, visit our new support page, support.avatarfleet.comor click the image below.

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