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Speed Up Your Application Process With EZApp

Did you know 60% of job seekers quit in the middle of filling out online job applications because of their length or complexity? 

We know you're working tirelessly to get driver leads, so now imagine that only four out of ten actually finish the process?

Those are your leads! It's just plain wrong that you're getting them in the door, but a poor candidate experience causes them to go away (most likely to the competition) forever.

That’s why AvatarFleet created EZApp.

What is EZApp?

EZApp is AvatarFleet's short DOT application process that makes it quick (and fun) to apply for an opening by asking questions one at a time — like a conversation — to keep your applicants engaged.

EZApp also allows drivers to easily store their employment information and work history to pre-populate in job applications and onboarding forms, making their experience faster and smoother.

How Will EZApp Help Me Hire More Drivers?

Since it's so fast and easy (get it?!) for a driver to apply, you'll see more applications come in, and in turn, get more hiring opportunities for your open positions.

Moreso, paper applications are often left incomplete or incorrect. Whether it’s poor handwriting, the wrong information, or an application being filled incorrectly, these applications introduce a slew of potential issues.

EZApp removes all of those problems with one simple-to-use application process with a sleek, clean interface.

Why Would Drivers Want to Save Their Application Information?

Driver applications are a pain in the behind!

According to the strategic consultancy Kelton, 86% of active candidates use their smartphones to begin a job search. This means that applicants are not only in a hurry to apply for a position but they’re also distracted.

EZApp makes the application both fast and efficient so drivers can quickly apply for the job they want with their information already known.

How Do I Get Started with EZApp?

EZApp is included FREE with your A-Suite subscription. This feature is safe, secure, and the fastest way to get applications in the door as possible.

Talk to your client success manager today to get started using EZApp today.

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