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Avoid Failing a DOT Audit with Driver Notifications in A-Suite

avoid failing a dot audit with driver notifications in a-suite

How hard is it today to track down a driver for a new license or to coordinate with dispatch a time to swing by your office to sign the Certificate of Violation every year? These tiny logistical challenges could have big legal consequences if a plaintiff attorney catches you with an out-of-compliance and on-duty driver coming home to sign a document.

A failed DOT audit hampers productivity, hurts your bottom line, and could even put you out of business. That means the key to success is staying compliant and acing every DOT audit. That’s why we’re excited to announce an update to an A-Suite Comply feature: driver notifications.

With driver notifications, it’s never been easier to fix DOT issues and stay compliant. It’s one more tool so you’ll never fail a DOT audit again.

Why Are Driver Notifications Important?

Most of what the DOT is looking for in an audit falls into your hands or your colleagues. But not everything. You rely on your drivers to keep up with essential qualification files.

Your drivers need to keep up with items such as medical examination certificates and CDL expiration dates. Let A-Suite notify your drivers for you.

With A-suite Comply notifications, you will benefit from:

  • No more failed DOT audits
  • Fewer drivers pulled from the road
  • An easier, more efficient compliance management program

Download DQ File Checklist

How Do A-Suite Driver Notifications Work?

A-Suite Driver Notifications is an elegant solution to a complicated problem, but it’s an easy-to-use system.

Your drivers will receive email notifications when crucial driver files are set to expire. You’re in control of when drivers are alerted, who the email comes from, and what files the system tracks.

When the driver gets the notification, he or she will have the option to text a picture of the new license or complete the Certificate of Violations from their phone to you. It’s a process that’s easy for you, easy for the driver, keeps the DOT happy, and plaintiff attorneys off your back. 

To use Driver Notifications, follow these steps:

  • Configure driver notifications under company settings from the A-Suite toolbar
  • Set who the emails come from
  • Set email headers, when the emails are sent, and what documentation it tracks

For more detailed information on how A-Suite Comply Driver Notifications work, check out our step-by-step guide here.

Better Compliance Records in Less Time

Staying in compliance used to take hard work, dedication, and countless hours from countless employees. A-Suite Comply is here to change that.

With Driver Notifications, you can close the loop on your compliance issues and never sweat a plaintiff attorney knocking on your door or another DOT audit.

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