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Spend Less Money on Job Boards with AvatarFleet's Driver Influencer Program

Spend Less Money on Job Boards with AvatarFleet's Driver Influencer Program

Would you rather give your recruiting money to Job Boards or your drivers?

When you make a decision of what insurance you're going to buy - do you trust Flo, a little green lizard or your friend?

All that to say, traditional marketing isn’t working as well as it used to. It’s getting replaced by social media.

Social media marketing has taken off because there is no marketing. We get unfiltered video reviews from hundreds or thousands of people. While there is always some Grumpy Gus with an agenda, we’re pretty good at seeing them for who they are and trusting the people that remind us of ourselves. Our brain says, “Hey, that person looks, talks and dresses like me - we must be in the same tribe. I’ll trust them”.

Enter the world of Influencers. Influencers accumulate a following of people because they are engaging to their tribe (a.k.a. target audience). This is not just happening with mommy bloggers, celebrity gossip or big name brands. The driver world has influencers too.

You can leverage this phenomenon to attract, hire, and retain top-quality drivers.

The New Driver Referral

When our driver marketing agency asks prospects what their best source for quality hires is, the overwhelming response is always "our driver referrals."

Drivers trust other drivers. You know this, but we see many companies who struggle to get good momentum. We usually hear two issues from drivers:

  1. There’s a concern that if they bring on more drivers, there will be less miles
  2. They aren’t recruiters and don’t want to shoulder tap other drivers at truck stops or customer yards

Phone number exchanges and referral cards are a happenstance one-on-one conversation. They don't have nearly the extensive amount of reach that social media platforms have.

The top driver influencer on Tik-Tok has over 1.5 million followers! Think about the amount of eyeballs your company could get if you were to make a driver like that an ambassador for your company.

unnamed-2Statistic reported by PartCatalog.com: Who Are the Most Popular Trucking Influencers?

Your drivers might not have that kind of presence, but you can still leverage them to make social media posts about your company.

The core of the Driver Influencer Program lies in empowering drivers to become brand ambassadors. Here’s how it works.

Drivers enrolled in this program commit to sharing their experiences through a set number of monthly videos, each stamped with a company-specific hashtag. This engagement not only amplifies the company's online presence, but also serves as a dynamic recruitment strategy by providing potential drivers with an authentic glimpse into life at the company.

The best part? The driver actually gets paid for their effort in bonus incentives.

Threefold Bonus Structure

The program's bonus structure is threefold, designed to reward drivers for producing quality content. Here is how the bonuses are structured:

  1. Referrals: One key aspect is the generation of driver referrals. Drivers are equipped with personal referral codes that they strategically incorporate into video links, descriptions, profiles, and comments. The driver does not have to ask an individual to apply or give a card. The prospect can opt in on their own terms which is how we like to make buying decisions in this day and age (yes, switching jobs is a buying decision).
  2. Followers: To encourage the organic growth of their online presence, drivers receive bonuses based on reaching specific follower thresholds on their chosen social media platforms. This not only enhances the driver's influence, but also contributes to the broader strategy of attracting a wider audience to the company.
  3. Views: The program recognizes the power of views. Bonuses are tied to reaching view count thresholds on individual videos or achieving an average view count for the month. This rewards engaging content while also incentivizing drivers to create compelling videos that resonate with their audience.

Guidance for Drivers

While authenticity is encouraged, AvatarFleet provides enrolled drivers with simple guidelines and best practices for getting the most out of their posts.

From do's and don'ts to "best video of the week," drivers receive expert guidance on how to maximize their exposure and bonus opportunity.

The goal is to help drivers showcase their experiences in a way that resonates with potential recruits while ensuring they remain true to their authentic selves.

AvatarFleet's Role

If you’re ready to improve your recruiting efforts with driver influencers, you’re probably wondering: now what? 

You could take this task on yourself and manage the drivers, the content and the bonuses, Or, you could offload it to a provider that does this for a living.

That's where we can help.

AvatarFleet provides you with a tailored social media and safety policy. This ensures that the driver's online presence and safety procedures align with your values.

Our Driver Marketing Agency takes on the responsibility of program management so we can guarantee you smooth operations and seamless execution.

For enrolled drivers, AvatarFleet offers support on how to publish posts that other drivers will engage with, like do's and don'ts, as well as video type tips like timelapse ideas, how-to ideas and more.

From insights into post performance to monthly bonus statements, drivers receive the tools and information needed to optimize their social media impact.

We act as a bridge, helping you find the right drivers to become true brand ambassadors.

Advantages Beyond Recruitment

The Driver Influencer Program extends beyond recruitment.

It's a cost-effective strategy that allows companies to shift their recruiting budgets from traditional methods to directly incentivize drivers.

By leveraging the authenticity of driver experiences, you not only save on job boards and traditional advertising, but also attract higher quality candidates who resonate with the genuine stories shared by their peers.

Seize the Opportunity

The Driver Influencer Program transforms the driver's social media presence from a personal space into a powerful recruitment tool.

It's a win-win scenario. Your best drivers get paid for doing what they already do – posting on social media – while you enjoy a boost in recruitment, cost savings, and the elevation of your brand.

Seize the opportunity to revolutionize your recruitment strategy with AvatarFleet's Driver Influencer Program. You can use social media to improve driver engagement and fill your empty seats.


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