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LLLC Instructor & Driver Certification

Certify your driver trainers on the world's most effective defensive driving system.

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Save Time and Money

LLLC Instructor Certification takes less time and costs less money than any other professional driver training system. Better yet, LLLC has the only guarantee that you’ll have fewer accidents.

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Develop Highly Effective Trainers

LLLC Instructor Certification is more than just defensive driving training. It teaches your trainers how adults learn and prepares them to maximize learning outcomes. You’ll have the best of the best training your drivers.

Create Certified LLLC Drivers

Create a Safety Culture

LLLC is the first and most important step you can take to create a safety culture.

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Safety principles that can be memorized in 60 seconds
Custom lessons for every type of vehicle
Guaranteed to reduces your accidents
Training completed in hours, not days
Trusted by thousands of companies
Includes online education and behind-the-wheel training


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Specific to Your Vehicles

Whether your drivers are CDL-A, CDL-B, or non-commercial, we have video-based lessons specific to your vehicle types.


How to Choose a Driver Safety Program 

Struggling to select a defensive driving safety program that fits your organization's needs? This ebook provides a checklist of questions to ask potential safety program providers to ensure they are a good fit for your company.

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Driver Safety Program

The LLLC Instructor Certification Process:

Apply For Certification

1. Apply For Certification

Whether you’re a transportation company looking to implement LLLC or you want certified yourself, contact us to get started.

Get Certified as An LLLC Instructor

2. Become a Certified LLLC Instructor

Complete the online pre-work courses, attend the workshop, and pass your behind-the-wheel evaluation.

Create Certified LLLC Drivers

3. Create Certified LLLC Drivers

Once certified, your instructors are authorized to train & certify your drivers in LLLC. We provide everything you need to achieve better safety results.

Delivery Options

LLLC is available in two different formats: in-person or virtually.

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Candidates complete their online pre-work, attend a live workshop and then complete in-vehicle training for both driving and coaching skills.



Candidates take their online pre-work, attend a workshop over Zoom, submit a video for their behind-the-wheel driving exam, and finally conduct a one-on-one evaluation with a Master Instructor.

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About LLLC

LLLC is built on a modern approach to adult learning. It’s faster and more efficient than outdated 70-year-old systems. 

It’s easier to memorize. Just say Look Ahead, Look Around, Leave Room, and Communicate three times and you’ll realize how easy it is. 

It requires less time away from the job and costs less than half of any other professional defensive driving system. 

LLLC has been proven to reduce collisions by 20% or more.

LLLC Certified

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for an instructor to get certified?

LLLC Instructor Candidates need to complete about 4 hours of online pre-work before the workshop. The workshop and behind the wheel driving take about 8 hours.

What does certification cover?

Throughout the certification process, LLLC Instructor Candidates learn essential defensive driving principles, how to teach and coach adult learners, and how to effectively evaluate drivers. 

How much does an instructor certification cost my organization?

LLLC Instructor Certification is $1,000 per instructor candidate. We require at least 3 instructors per workshop.

Do you hold open enrollment certification workshops?

Yes. Throughout the year, we host open enrollment workshops. However, if we don't have one scheduled, contact us anyways. We might have an upcoming workshop we can fit you into. 

Will you travel to my location to certify my instructors?

Yes. We're happy to come to you or for you to come to us.

Is LLLC certification a valid defensive driving system?

Yes, LLLC Instructor and Driver Certification is used globally by industry-leaders in dozens of transportation fields. It is recognized as a highly effective system and used by hundreds of thousands of drivers.

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