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Reduce Your Accidents by 20%

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LLLC Defensive Driving is superior to any other system, takes less time away from work, and costs less than half of alternative instructor certification programs. We provide training and certification to your best instructors who are then authorized to teach LLLC Defensive Driving to your drivers. LLLC is easy to learn and proven effective in reducing collisions by 20%.

The simplicity and ease to remember is what makes this process work. Say Look Ahead, Look Around, Leave Room, and Communicate three times and you’ll have it memorized! Experience fewer accidents and injuries and enjoy lower loss costs with LLLC.



Our mission is to create a safety culture that reduces accidents while increasing driver retention.

LLLC Instructor and Driver Certification is high impact learning that positively changes behaviors on the road without major disruptions to the operations schedules. This program creates a career path for drivers at your organization that increases employee engagement.

LLLC Can Now Be Delivered REMOTELY

Take advantage of LLLC Remote: the world’s first virtual defensive driving certification.
LLLC Master Certification
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Benefits for Your Drivers:

Providing LLLC Instructor & Driver Certification provides the tools and methods for driver training and a career advancement for your drivers. The top three benefits to sell to your drivers:

  1. Promotability & Raises: Build your career with extra credentials, earn more cents per mile, and avoid accidents and court dates
  2. Family: Improve your safe driving skills to return to your family just as you left them
  3. Credentialed for Life: This certification stays with you for your entire driving career


Instructor Candidates must have no violations on their MVR in the last 12 months.
All Instructor Candidates must pass a Promotional Interview.


Become a Certified LLLC Instructor

Complete and Pass:

+ 8 self-directed online courses

+ Half-day classroom workshop

+ Half-day Behind-The-Wheel commentary driving


Create Certified LLLC Drivers

Your Drivers Complete and Pass:

+ 6 self-directed online courses

+ 1-hour classroom workshop

+ 1-hour Behind-The-Wheel commentary driving



LLLC Instructor and Driver Certification is valid for two years, regardless if you switch companies.

Recertification builds on the concepts you already put into practice and advances your skills.

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