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CVSA Sponsors Brake Inspection Blitz | AvatarFleet

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The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, the folks that bring Operation Roadcheck to you every June, is sponsoring the North America-wide Brake Inspection Blitz this week (September 8-14, 2013). More than 30,000 roadside brake inspections are expected to be conducted on commercial vehicles during Brake Safety Week. Approximately one in seven inspections find brakes that do not pass.

“Every driver behind the wheel of a vehicle, whether it is a commercial truck, bus or private car, must keep their focus on safety at all times,” said FMCSA Administrator Anne S. Ferro. “Brake Safety Week provides a crucial reminder for commercial vehicle operators to ensure their brake systems are well-maintained and effective year-round. It is also an opportunity to remind everyone to share the road safely: buckle up, give large trucks and buses plenty of space to maneuver and avoid distracted driving.”

In addition, download training and informational brake brochures and other communication.

The Operation Airbrake program and CVSA make available informational brochures for distribution by and to inspectors, drivers, technicians and the general public. Operation Airbrake also is developing new video and audio messages to educate and inform. These have come in the form of training videos, online webinars and radio interviews regarding the importance of proper brake maintenance and use. Many of these materials are available at http://www.operationairbrake.com.

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Lou Graziani
Transportation Performance Analyst
Avatar Management Services, Inc
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