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Sync Indeed Applications to A-Suite Instantly With Our Newest Integration

At AvatarFleet, we understand that recruiters are often forced to source candidates across dozens of channels every day.

With candidates coming from sources like Craigslist, Facebook, CDL Life, and more, trying to keep track of all these names can be difficult, and, worst of all, candidate communication suffers as a result, making the odds of landing a new hire low.

That's why AvatarFleet is focused on creating and making top-notch integrations with all of these platforms smooth and easy for the recruiter, so they can live in one system, not six.

We're excited to announce our newest integration with the number one online hiring platform, Indeed, with Apply with Indeed.

What is Apply with Indeed?

If you aren't aware, Indeed's platform makes it incredibly easy to apply for a job posting by providing what's called Indeed Apply

Indeed Apply makes the process fast and easy for candidates to apply for a position right within the platform.

AvatarFleet wanted to ensure that no data was lost between our systems no matter how the candidate was applying, so we created Apply with Indeed.

Apply with Indeed automatically syncs all candidates who have utilized Indeed's one-click-apply option into your A-Suite account.

How Will Apply with Indeed Help Recruiters Hire More Drivers?

Recruiting is a speed game. Not only do recruiters need to be quick with responding to candidates, but they also need to have a fast and easy way for job seekers to apply for their open positions.

Think about the candidate experience for a driver: they probably already have a driving job, so they're busy.

They are definitely using their mobile phones to search for a new job, and they are most likely doing it in the little amount of spare time they have while unloading or at home to get rest and be with their family.

Young Driver Filling Out ApplicationNow think about what platform a driver would be on if he/she is looking for a job. Indeed is the number one hiring platform currently, and they're making it easier and easier for a job hunter just like the driver to apply quickly.

Would a driver rather use Indeed's one-click-apply button, or print out a full DOT application, fill it out, scan it back, or even worse, drive it to your office to submit it?

We concur: Indeed's one-click apply.

How Does Apply with Indeed Work?

Once a candidate applies through Indeed Apply, the candidate’s information is pulled into A-Suite.

A candidate’s user profile is created, and their resume is populated as an attachment; their telephone number, email address, and other information are included in the profile. The candidate’s responses to the screener questions are populated as a note in the profile. 

If the assigned recruiter has their system notifications turned on, they will receive an email that a new applicant has been assigned to them.

What Do I Need To Do To Use Apply with Indeed?

Apply with Indeed comes free with your A-Suite subscription.

To get help with enabling the integration, simply contact your client success manager and they'll walk you through the process of getting your system hooked up.

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