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Great Conference – Great People

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Wow! Just got back from the ATA Management Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas and it was nothing if not impressive.

Some thoughts:

Our leadership is terrific now and for the foreseeable future. When leaders look to challenges and opportunities and come up with reasonable and doable solutions, they command respect. That’s exactly the type of leadership we have.

The challenges are carefully spelled out. CSA is numero uno and it continues to change (ouch) and in some areas makes no sense as it relates to accident prevention. Still, solid safety programs should keep the wolf away from the door for most of us.

Speaking of the unknown, Taxmaggedon (the fight over expiring tax relief) and its implications are straight ahead and they make good planning to be nothing more than good guesses. Gambling should be for casinos, not accountants.

The driver shortage was defined in several colorful ways but there was agreement that the smart carrier needs a plan to get and keep the best, safest drivers to withstand it’s impact.

Finally, complexity is growing in the running of our businesses and it’s important now and in the future to understand exactly what you are doing and to get help when you need it.

Overall, a great experience made even better by all the bright individuals we met and friends we continued to enjoy. Amazing opportunities for the future are here!

Lou Graziani: creator of Bright Mountain Trucking,

“transportation guru, training expert, and imagineer.”

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