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Truly Solve Your Driver Problem With AvatarFleet's Improved Platform


Driver Recruiters: you've been lied to. 

  • You don’t need more leads
  • You don’t need more applications
  • You don't need more ad spend

You do need more quality drivers behind your wheel.

AvatarFleet's mission is to truly solve the industry-wide driver problem. Other players in the market continue to try to solve this problem by widening the top of your hiring funnel. They believe that more candidates equal more opportunities for recruiters. We feel differently.

We know that transportation companies can't afford to keep bloating their advertising spend in order to compete with the market.

Instead, we believe that you don't need a bigger funnel, but a better, smarter funnel - one that helps you find the right drivers from the pile of names.

Over several months, we spoke to countless customers and kept hearing the same problems:

"We have so many candidates that it’s hard to quickly identify and keep track of the good ones."

"We have an ungodly amount of names to sort through. It’s hard to prioritize them and I don’t even know where to start my day."

"We need better ways to quickly find up-to-date information on the candidates in our pipeline so we can stay on top of them."

After hearing this feedback, we recognized that while yes, there is a shortage of new driver entrants to the workforce, the larger problem is how recruiting departments interact with the tools to get their job done. The standard way of hiring drivers is fundamentally broken.

We’re fixing it with the new and improved A-Suite.

Rethinking the Way You Browse

Our approach to tackling these issues started by completely redesigning your Browser Screen from scratch. 

The goal was to create one screen that shows recruiters:

  • Who's the most qualified candidate

  • Where the candidate is along their journey

  • Who's been worked by a recruiter (and who needs attention)

That's why we're proud to introduce our new, completely overhauled Browser Screen.

A-Suite's new and improved Browser Screen was designed to make your life easy. Whether it's prioritizing your day, updating a profile on the fly, or logging a note when you get a phone call, everything in A-Suite's new Browser Screen has been made so you can work quickly and efficiently.


The Browser Screen is packed with new features and updates, so let's review some of the highlights:

  • Peek View: Get a condensed or summary view of a candidate or team member's user profile and not lose where you are in your list.
  • Focus View: Replaces the current User Profile view. This is where you'll be able to do all of the same actions, tasks, and activities that you're currently used to in A-Suite today. Brings the full detail into view, without losing your place on the Browser Screen.
  • Starring: The ability to mark a candidate as a “good fit” or “high quality” and also use that in filtering (so you can star candidates and come back to them later).
  • Quick View of Most Recent Note: View your last note taken on a candidate/team member and view it by hovering over it.
  • Column Lock: Freeze columns when scrolling horizontally. 
  • Minimizing: The ability to minimize your window and continue on with your workflow.
  • Usability Improvements: Bold and highlight new users that are created in your Browser Screen to quickly identify untouched names; better filtering and sorting functionality.

Collectively, these features and benefits will help recruiting departments become well-oiled machines. No qualified candidate will ever slip through the cracks, which means you can hire more quality drivers at a more efficient rate.

Up Next: Improving the Candidate Experience 

With our redesigned Browser Screen, we made your life as a recruiter easier, so our next step is to make the drivers' application experience just as easy and memorable.

When a driver is on the market for a new position, they'll see and hear over 50 messages a day trying to convince them to change jobs. 

Other players in the market like to think they're solving that problem by sending your candidates to a plain, vanilla, and unmemorable application that drivers are "used to" filling out.

Careers PagesBrand your careers page to stand out as a company, instead of looking plain and vanilla.

What actually happens is that drivers don't remember who you are when they get a phone call, because the application experience didn't showcase your brand or a story in a memorable way.

They're less likely to be qualified, and more likely to ghost you because they haven't formed a bond with what you have to offer as a company.

The fact is, your company is special and you have a story - you just haven't been given the tools to help you tell it.

To help your company tell its story and make the application process more memorable, we're going to be releasing an entirely new Careers Website experience.

We're finalizing prototypes of the new experience, but a few features you will see are:

  • Branded Careers Website: A personalized careers website that’s designed to tell your unique story. This way, you can attract and convert the right drivers.
  • Standardized Qualification Questions: Not all sources give you the same level of detail (i.e. Indeed gives you more information than Facebook). We’re standardizing the qualification questions across all sources so you get the same information no matter how the driver finds you.
  • Enhanced Mobile-First Experience: Select jobs/openings based on your location to enable a seamless candidate experience.

Out Now: Lifecycle Stages

If you're like most of our clients, you probably get a question at the end of the month asking:

  • What does our recruiting pipeline look like?
  • Where should we spend our money?
  • How many leads do we need to hire one driver? 
  • How does that change across jobs, locations and sources?

Safety directors, recruiting managers and owners all want predictable data to help decide whether or not they should make a move to bring on business to a new location.

But without an easy-to-understand snapshot of their recruiting pipeline, their hunch remains just that.

Lifecycle StagesA-Suite is designed to help you work fast, knowing fully your day can be disrupted at any point.

By understanding and assessing the different stages of the hiring lifecycle, organizations can develop effective hiring strategies, attract and retain high-quality candidates, and build a strong workforce.

That's why we're excited to announce our latest feature, Lifecycle Stages.

Lifecycle Stages can be defined as the distinct steps or phases involved in the recruitment, selection, and onboarding of a new employee, including job opening, candidate sourcing, screening and interviewing, selection, and onboarding.

Lifecycle Stages are standardized across our system to give you conversion rates across job, location and source. This lets you track how much money on ads you need to spend in order to generate enough leads to fulfill your hiring goal each month. You can change the wording of each Lifecycle Stage to be what you want or disable a stage if there are too many for you. 

Planning is now as easy as punching in your data and spitting out a report to deliver to your boss who wants 10 drivers for that new terminal in Denver.

More To Come Soon

These features are designed to help you work smarter and faster with the best data available;
You’ll hit your targets and show off the skilled recruiter that you are!

We look forward to releasing more powerful features to help you with your day. Thanks as always for being a loyal user of A-Suite.

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