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3 Takeaways from the SambaSafety + AvatarFleet Webinar You Should Know About


Trucking companies face massive risk from aggressive plaintiff attorneys and nuclear verdicts. The FMCSA isn’t the main boogie-man anymore. It’s lawyers looking for a single leak in your ship, and trust us, one small leak can sink you. You’re not hopeless, though. We’re partnering with SambaSafety to help you create an iron-clad defense against baseless litigation, prevent accidents, and protect your drivers.

On April 20th, 2022, AvatarFleet president Scott Rea and SambaSafety’s Sr. Partner Account Executive Derek Almond hosted a webinar to discuss A-suite’s newest integration: driver monitoring.

Driver Monitoring is like pulling an MVR every day for all of your drivers without the time or money involved.

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Driver Monitoring looks for changes in MVRs for all of your drivers and sends you alerts for violations and suspended licenses. This way, you don’t need to count on your drivers to close the loop if they have a violation.

Discussed in the Webinar:

Why Should You Use Driver Monitoring?



"He Shouldn't Have Been There"

Imagine this scenario: a truck driver is parked on the side of the road, hazards on, cones properly placed, and doing everything by the book. Then, a drunk driver comes speeding down the shoulder and rams into them. The driver and his company are found to be at fault. How could this be?

This is a true story, and it happened this way because the driver was out of compliance. His MVR expired 3-days ago and the plaintiff's attorney successfully argued that he shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

With Driver Monitoring, there’s no chance that you or your driver miss an expired MVR. This would never happen to our clients.

The Letter


After an accident, the plaintiff's attorney will ask for all of your DQFs for the driver involved in the accident. They want the application, proof of CDL, pre-employment MVR, annual MVR, you name it.

These lawyers take 100 cases at a time looking for that one company that has something missing. That’s a guaranteed win for them on a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

If you want to avoid nuclear verdicts, you must have each and every driver in 100% compliance. Driver Monitoring accomplishes that.

Why SambaSafety is Better Than Traditional Annual MVRs



Closing the Visibility Gap

Every company runs MVRs annually for their drivers, but that’s the bare minimum. It leaves you exposed for 364 days of the year. Do you trust your drivers to tell you about a violation when it happens? Your best ones will, but you don’t want to leave it up to chance.

Driver Monitoring collects information from the states daily. If there’s an issue, you’re notified immediately.

Normalizing MVR Data

The laws, standards, and practices are different across all 50 states. You could get a DUI in Utah and have your CDL suspended for 2 years. You can get a DUI in Minnesota where you can still drive professionally the next day.

SambaSafety and AvatarFleet worked with industry leaders and government officials to come up with a standard score across all states. Driver Monitoring will rank drivers for clear, minor violations, and severe violations.

How Does SambaSafety Fit into the AvatarFleet Platform?

Coordinate Your Applicant Tracking And Compliance Tracking

With AvatarFleet’s A-Suite product offering, you can find, hire, train, and retain your drivers while keeping them all in compliance. Now, with Driver Monitoring from SambaSafety, your applicants are automatically enrolled into your compliance tracking system and SambaSafety begins scanning for MVR violations daily.

How the Integration Works

The integration between AvatarFleet and SambaSafety makes things extremely easy on the user end. Anyone you hire in A-Suite is automatically entered into Qorta, the SambaSafety platform. Simultaneously, if someone is terminated in A-Suite, it automatically updates the roster in Qorta. 

If there is an MVR violation with one of your drivers, you’ll be alerted in A-Suite. And, you can also order, track, and view MVRs for drivers straight from A-Suite.

Question and Answer



We have a HireRight integration. Will this conflict?

No, there would not be a conflict. You always have the ability to integrate with multiple partners without an issue.

Will Driver Monitoring satisfy my annual MVR requirements?

It depends on your state. The blue states in the map below accept Driver Monitoring in place of an annual MVR. Your best bet is to reach out to a DOT state representative via email to get a definite answer. Explain you’re doing continuous Driver MVR Monitoring through SambaSafety and ask if that will satisfy your annual MVR requirement.

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