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Driver Marketing That Will Fill Your Empty Seats

Partner with AvatarFleet's proven Driver Marketing Agency that will fill your seats without increasing your recruiting budget.

Proven Results:

Puryear and ATCO Hauling and LJ Rogers Recruiting Results-1

Relax, We'll Do All The Marketing For You

Job Posting
Copywriting and Social Media
Media Buying and Advertiser Communication
Videography and Photography
Website Design and Paid Advertising
Graphic Design-2

FREE Video Series

Purple Cow Academy

Learn how to double your hires without spending more on ads

We've compiled years of research into a 7-part video series to help you double your hires without needing to spend any additional advertising dollars.

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Purple Cow Academy

Our Offers

Purple Cow Creative

The flagship 5-week project that strengthens your driver marketing efforts to make your ads stand out, including:

  • Custom 60 second video to tell your company story
  • Custom photography to authentically show off your culture
  • Remote driver video testimonials to provide social proof your that your fleet is great 
  • Custom social media advertisements to stand out among the 50+ ads a driver sees each day
  • Custom landing page to convert better-fit drivers before they submit a full application
Purple Cow Creative1-1
Campaign Management

Campaign Management

A team of professional marketers to plan and manage your driver marketing campaigns, including:

  • Copywriter
  • Social Media Manager/Designer
  • Video Editor
  • Graphic Designer
  • Media Coordinator
  • SEO Specialist
  • Paid Ads Specialist

Why Trust Us?

There are hundreds of marketing companies out there - so why trust AvatarFleet to fill your empty seats?

2x Growth

You'll Double Hires Without Spending More

Our process has proved time and time again that we will double your hires without the need for a large ad spend. 

Driver Marketing Specialists

You'll Work With Vetted Transportation Specialists

We aren't practicing on your budget.

Each of the team members you work with has been trained and certified in driver marketing and transportation.

You Stand Out

You'll Stand Out

You have a great story - you just need help telling it. 

Drivers see over 50 advertisements per day - so you won't get cookie-cutter ads or treatment, because you are special

Work Examples

See how we make you stand out with custom videography, photography and graphics.

Videography Videography
Photography Photography
Website Design Website Design
Graphic Design Graphic Design


Tidewater Photography


ATCO Website Contrast

Website Design

Graphic Design Examples

Graphic Design

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Purple Cow"?

The term Purple Cow is a term that was coined by the author Seth Godin from his book Purple Cow. 


His idea is simple: A purple cow is standing out from the herd.


But the full story goes like this:


Say you're driving from Cleveland, Ohio to Chicago, Illinois - you'll certainly pass a few farms on the way there.


As you look out the window at those farms, you'll see several of cows that all look the same (black and white cows).


Now  if one of those cows were purple, you'd certainly take notice. You'd probably take a picture of that cow and tell your friends about it.


That's what our mission is as it relates to your driver marketing. We aim to make you stand out, which relates to "standing out from the crowd, just like that purple cow.


We won't use the same headlines (great pay, great benefits, treat you like family) like every other company does.


We'll find your purple cow and make your message resonate to prospective drivers.

What is the process for using your driver marketing agency?

Every one of our driver marketing clients goes through our Purple Cow Creative  5-week project to start their engagement with our agency.


Why do we make our clients go through this project?


It's simple: we have to make you stand out in order for you to get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to your advertisements.


You can't compete with the mega carriers if you're saying the same message. They will outspend you every time.


To compete with a lower budget, you have to have a better message, and it all starts with finding your purple cow!


Once we complete the Purple Cow Creative project, you can elect to continue using our services on a monthly basis to help distribute and broadcast your message through social media advertising, jobs board advertising and remarketing campaigns so you can generate enough leads to hit your hiring goals.

How much effort is this going to be on my end as a recruiter?

As a recruiter, you can expect to have around 6 hours a week back to designate towards recruiting.


Our team will:

  • Work with jobs boards individually
  • Send SMS and email follow-up messages to recruits that ghosted you or fell through
  • Set up new sources on your behalf
  • Conduct weekly prioritization calls to align your marketing and recruiting needs
  • And more!


All of these tasks will save you precious time that you can now allocate to recruiting and hiring best-fit drivers.

How long does it take for me to see results?

Clients typically will double their hires within 3 months of our services being introduced.


How do we double hires? 


It's easy: we create a streamlined team between the marketing channel that generates quality leads for recruiters, who now have the ability to handle the main job: recruiting quality drivers.

Do you service non-trucking related marketing clients?

No. We ONLY work with trucking companies to market for drivers.


We are not split-brained.


Our marketing team thinks about filling empty seats every waking (and sleeping) hour they have.

Do we need to buy software to use your driver marketing services?



Because our driver marketing team utilizes digital advertising to generate quality driver leads, it is a requirement that a client utilizes our applicant tracking software, A-Suite Recruit.

Hand-Picked Resources

Purple Cow Academy

A 7-part video series that will double your hires without needing to spend any additional advertising dollars.

Watch the video

How to Develop a Driver Brand

A brand is what drivers think of when they hear your company name. Learn how to define your driver brand statement and use it in all your driver recruiting efforts today.

Download eBook

Driver Persona Template

We define driver personas by their job duties and their shared values, motivations, and personalities. Use this downloadable file to help you create your message.

Download Template

Need Even More Help?

With AvatarFleet's Recruiting Services, we'll answer your phones, vet candidates, set interviews or even conduct your interviews!